dirty ram slots?

  baseball43v3r 08:26 14 Apr 2006

i have a MSI MS-6380E motherboard and currently only one ram slot seems to be working. i've tested it with known good ram and it simply does not want to work? and good ideas on how to fix it? and programs to check if it is defunct?

  wookie69 09:44 14 Apr 2006

There are several memory checker utils out there that will check the integrity of your RAM.

Just do a quick search for something like memory tester.

Another thing you could do is wipe the contacts on the chip with some industrial alcohol to make sure they are clean, and then blast the slot with a compressed air can. However, the cheaper solution would probably be to buy new ram.... just check it with a mates good ram first to make sure it isn't the motherboard that's faulty.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 09:51 14 Apr 2006

Suggest you put your flock through the Sheepdip ASAP.

  wookie69 09:52 14 Apr 2006

Sorry... just re-read your posting.

Try the RAM that isn't working well in your good socket to check it. Run a memory checker util on it for good measure.

Some boards only like to be updated in pairs. Might be that if you don't balance the slots that that could be the problem.

I've had a machine before now tha if I filled the slots in order it used to fall over. So I missed out a slot and it sorted it (not always advisable but in some cases it works) Some older boards also need to have matched RAM. I've heard before now that some same spec RAM just doesn't like sitting with other manufacturers RAM... but how true this is I'm not sure.

  baseball43v3r 18:34 14 Apr 2006

i'll loook for a memory tester and if the ram still tests out good ill try cleaning the slots. theres 3 slots on my board so what i got from your second post is to fill the first and third slot and leave the middle one empty correct? the rams are the same type fyi.

  baseball43v3r 20:16 14 Apr 2006

ok now i've got some big problems, i took out the old ram (only one 256 one in there) and tried putting in a different brand and none of the slots worked so i went to put my original ram back in and i get the three beeps, i made sure it went in correctly and i celaned it off first and still no dice. i waited about a half hour then tried turning it on with no luck. any idea's? if i could get back on the other computer i could give you more specs but as i can't even power on cuz of the ram idk what to do. any help is appreciated.

  woodchip 20:24 14 Apr 2006

You can get Switch cleaner from Maplin, just squirt into Slot and plug ram in a couple of times.

PS it's not dirt, it's different metals that is the problem gold and tin being mixed they should both be the same. It makes them corrode. Osmosis is the problem

  woodchip 20:26 14 Apr 2006

Power should be off to do the above

  baseball43v3r 20:37 14 Apr 2006

ok i got the second problem back down... i was able to get my original ram back in... i was looking at the ram slots and the rams themselves and they both seem to be made of gold... if tin is painted yellow then idk but these all look like its gold. but i'm off to best buy in a lil bit to get some cleaner and whatnot so wish me luck!

  woodchip 20:43 14 Apr 2006

you cannot just use any kind of cleaner, it as to be electronic switch cleaner or it will make matters worse

  baseball43v3r 21:17 14 Apr 2006

thanks for catching me in time, i'll be on the lookout for it. back in a bit

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