DirectX 9.0b

  sil_ver 00:59 18 Feb 2004

Does anyone know if it's possible to uninstall DirectX 9 and reinstall DirectX 8? I'm running Win2000.

it is possible. i had the program but i cant remember what it was called
if you go to click here and search for directx remove it should bring it up. thats where i got mine from. be careful though cos it can cause bad things to happen, and make cure you already have direct x 8 to put back on!!!!

  hugh-265156 01:21 18 Feb 2004

you could try to use click here or click here you will need your windows cdrom to use this and it may cause problems.

read the read me very carefuly.

what problems are you having with dx9 on win2k and do you have version 9a or b?

9b should work ok as it includes a lot of fixes version a did not have.check your graphics drivers are dx 9 compliant ie/up to date.

  sil_ver 01:32 18 Feb 2004

I'm having graphics 'tearing' problems and have tried everything else updating drivers etc. even tried older nvidia drivers with some success but I'm beginning to suspect that my GeForce 4200Ti doesn't like DirectX9.0b and looking at the card spec it only supports DirX 8.xx

  hugh-265156 01:44 18 Feb 2004

try turning on vsync in you graphics card options.this will stop tearing.

turn off again if benching the card.

  hugh-265156 01:51 18 Feb 2004 using a radeon 9000(also 8.1 card)and using dx9.b

dx9 is backward compatable and will work with your card ok.check its version b.

start/run type dxdiag click system.

look at the "direct x version" info for version the "directx files" tab.if it say a lot are beta then you have version version b click here most files are final retail.

click display tab and run the tests also.any errors?

as above,check your graphics card drivers are up to date and dx9 compliant.get the latest ones click here

  hugh-265156 01:54 18 Feb 2004

ok.i just noticed you have version b from the thread title.doh!

enabling vsync is my guess.

  sil_ver 12:33 18 Feb 2004

Tried vsynch on and off, no difference. The problem is most noticeable in Farcry demo and full version of Max Payne 2. When running 3DMark2001se I get a shrill whistle from Graphics card when it gets to the 'sprite points' bit and visually the horse looks as though it is spraying droplets, strangely I dont have any problems with MOHAA. I've cleaned the chip on the card and h/sink and refitted with thermal grease just in case it was a heating problem.

  hugh-265156 14:38 18 Feb 2004

have you run the dxdiag tests yet?

the whistle,squealing etc could be a duff fan on the gpu.can you check its spinning?(take side of case and have a peep)ti4200 cards i believe,fans rotate at a constant rate and should not change speed when gaming etc or benchmarking.

how much thermal gloop did you use?it may have seaped out over the chip and on to the card causing problems if you applied too much.

is the card overclocked? as im sure you know this will cause artifacts if clocks are set too high.

there is a known problem with 3dmark 2001 with certain mobo chipsets that causes problems when testing point sprites(think its hanging or bad score though).build 330 patch im told fixes it.


Anti-aliasing may not work together with post processing effects on GeForce and GeForce FX cards that have less than 128 MB of memory. Possible side effects are texture corruption, textures turning to yellow or other graphical glitches. Please disable anti-aliasing from Max Payne 2 options and from the driver control panel if you have problems"

  sil_ver 14:50 18 Feb 2004

Only ever use thin layer of gloop using credit card to spread. I'm using latest 3dmark2001se build 330. The g.card has 128Mb DDR. The fan is fine and if faulty would squeal all the time not just sprite point measuring, AA is off. Dxdiag is fine. I get a score of around 10500 without any o'clocking. In fact I've never attempted to o/c the card or anything else.

  PeterPaul 15:23 18 Feb 2004

I downloaded and installed DirectX 9.0b form the Microsoft Update site.

It made my Sony Giga Pocket video software unusable. I couldn't uninstall it, and RESTORE on Windows XP couldn't go back. I had to reinstall my system from a Ghost image to get rid of DirectX 9.0b.

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