DirectX 9 opinions

  kingkenny 10:35 02 Mar 2003

Dear all,

I want to install DirectX 9 but wondered what experiences other people have had with it. Has anyone had any problems with it? Is there any point with a 64Mb MX440 card? What are the benefits?

Has it made any difference to any benchmark scores for your PC?

Let me know


  BBez 10:37 02 Mar 2003

click here I've had no problems with games under 2000 Pro and same video chipset

  Stokey 11:59 02 Mar 2003

I don't think DirectX 9 will show any improvement on the version you have or make any difference to anything. According to an article in Micro Mart it was released specifically for new games that are not out yet.

  powerless 12:25 02 Mar 2003

DX9 put my 3D Mark01 score up about 300 marks.

In reality and in games thats NOTHING.

However DX9 is at the moment an ATI benfactor (big word).

ATI Radeon 9700 etc is a true DX9 card where all the beneifts having DX9 will be unleashed...

This is proven in 3D Mark03 Where scores are in the 4000's. Where a Ti 4600, a DX8 card is scoring 1700 or there abouts. Thats what my card benchmarked at.

Is it work having? Not really but at the sametime it is an update...

In games and thats where the real benchmark is. You will see more real life like creations because of DX9. However the games havnt been released to take andvantage of DX9.

"Is there any point with a 64Mb MX440 card? What are the benefits?" - At a guess it would but it would be nothing jump about.

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