chippy+ 19:15 22 Nov 2010

hi can anyone help i installed directx for xp then after reading about it decided to uninstall it, it uninstalled ok i then installed dx9 but when i go into system information it still states directx 10 is installed can anyone tell me how to fix this thanks Chippy

  c4rm0 19:22 22 Nov 2010

Type dxdiag in run what does it say in there?

  chippy+ 19:55 22 Nov 2010

hi c4rm

thanks for the reply it says directx 10 but when i look through the diag tool it shows directx 10
and through the dx entries it shows direcx 9 22/11/10

  GaT7 20:05 22 Nov 2010

I didn't think it was possible to install DX10 on XP? Isn't DX10 only meant for Vista & above?

Anyway, the June10 version of DX9 click here is the latest for XP.

"and through the dx entries it shows direcx 9 22/11/10"

That's because the DX Diagnostics Tool always displays today's date & time. G

  c4rm0 20:13 22 Nov 2010

DX10 ships with Vista and DX11 with Windows 7 you can get DX10 for Windows XP but it isnt the official Microsoft version

Your gonna have difficulty downgrading Direct X i would suggest running a system restore and restoring prior to the install

  chippy+ 20:23 22 Nov 2010

hi c4rm0

unfotunally system restore is not an option dx10 was installed a couple of months ago and i try to keep my restore points down to the last one i have acronis backups but i don't know which one before it was installed i am not having problems with my pc i would just like to get the dia tool showing dx9 thanks Chippy

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