Director Lingo, need help... (Sound banks)

  Mysticnas 12:10 27 May 2003

hiya, i need a little help with summat i'm doing in Director MX.

I need to know how to make sound bank. what i'm trying to do is get director to play a sound when i press a key, i've given myself 6 keys for this. this is the easy part.

now that hard part is that i've got another 2 keys which will scroll through a list of sound banks, each bank will have 6 sounds, lets say, Sbank1 will have drums, Sbank2 will have piano etc...

now the users can scroll through the sound banks using 2 keys, and can play each sound in the current sound bank using the 6 keys. but how do i get director to put 6 sounds in a set and to know what set is currently selected???

can anyone on here help or point me to someone or somewhere that can???



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