Direct X Upgrade to 9.0- Unable to play some games

  User-D08E3628-8142-4D1E-AE68F510DD9B505F 16:36 06 Mar 2004

Following installing DirectX 9.0b from the Microsoft website some games have not loaded. Message 'cannot find .dll file D3D8.dll' is shown.
If it helps the games were Lego Racers 2 and Bug Bear Rally Trophy. Any ideas? We have re-installed the Lego game without success- should go back to Direct X 8 and if so- how?

  LastChip 17:12 06 Mar 2004

The first thing you must find out is, does your graphics card support DirectX 9.0?

From what your describing, it doesn't, so my reaction would be to return to version 8.

How, depends on your operating system.

  hugh-265156 17:17 06 Mar 2004

there is a lot of confusion about this.

even if your graphics card is only a direct x8.1 card it can still use direct x9 as its backwards compatable.

BUT you will need to get the latest direct x9 compatable drivers for it from either ati or nvidia.just download the latest version.

  LastChip 17:26 06 Mar 2004

in practice........

  hugh-265156 17:35 06 Mar 2004

lol true.

Archie the Inventor if you have xp or win me use system restore to go back.

Thankyou for suggestions we have attempted the following:
1 Loading DX8.0 from a CD- not successful
2 System Restore back to the point when 9.0 was installed. System Restore has failed (twice)

We can attempt a restore back to a system checkpoint of 1st March. Is this worth trying? If not, do we need to do something more drastic ie completely uninstalling Direct X (how?) and reloading 8.0/1 from a disk.


Archie the Inventor

  hugh-265156 18:27 06 Mar 2004

only proper way is to use system restore.try back to march.if it fails make sure you have service pk1 installed.

there is always this click here (bottom of page)but it may not work for you.i would be carefull using also need a windows cdrom.

i would try updating the graphics card drivers to the latest version as above first though.

  jimv7 18:28 06 Mar 2004

I would not install dx9 but dx9.1, the main bugs have been ironed out.

Thanks everybody. Have been advised that it is not possible to de-install DX other than to re-install whole OS - which I don't fancy. So it's a driver download. Shame that MS don't put a health warning on the download site !

  LastChip 20:27 10 Mar 2004

Get the Eradicator that huggyg71 and ßéLâ pointed you to.

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