Direct X installation problem

  bobbyp 15:55 09 Jul 2003

I'm trying to instal DirectX 9 on Windows ME and get a "Cannot copy file error -5". The end of the log file contains:
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: Extracted file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DXE204.TMP\wst_ital.fon from cab
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: Extracted file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DXE204.TMP\wst_span.fon from cab
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: Extracted file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DXE204.TMP\wst_swed.fon from cab
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: Extracted file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DXE204.TMP\ from cab
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: DoCopy(): Getting inf information C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\DXE204.TMP\directX.inf
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: start copying: phase: 167 - 167, total: 341 - 167
07/09/03 15:46:46: DXWSetup: DSetupCallback(): Phase = 2, Steps = 174
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanese == 0
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: DirectXSetupIsJapanNec == 0
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: InstCatWinMe(): installing catalog file...
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: InstallCatalogFile: InstCatWin() failed, need to check certificate and catalog.
07/09/03 15:46:46: dsetup32: SetupForDirectX: Restoring Backups
07/09/03 15:46:47: dsetup32: Installation ended with value -5 = File not copied
07/09/03 15:53:50: DXWSetup: WM_APP_ENDINSTALL
07/09/03 15:53:50: DXWSetup: ~CDXWSetup()
07/09/03 15:53:53: DXWSetup: Deleted file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\directx\websetup\dsetup.dll.
07/09/03 15:53:53: DXWSetup: Deleted file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\directx\websetup\dsetup32.dll.
07/09/03 15:53:53: DXWSetup: CabCallBack(): MoveFileEx() is not available, use setupapi to delete file.
07/09/03 15:53:53: DXWSetup: Deleted file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\directx\websetup\inseng.dll.

Any idea where I go to find out what the problem is?


download dx9.a from the microsoft website, make sure that you have the correct version for winME and make sure you are downloading the English version (not the japanese). save the installer to your hard drive and instal from there not from its present location.

  Chegs ® 16:22 09 Jul 2003

Personally,I wouldn't bother installing DX9,I did(via auto-update)and now my fav games suddenly slow to a crawl for a few seconds.I am hunting for ways to return to DX8.1 as with it I had no problems.

  bobbyp 16:28 09 Jul 2003

Thanks horiz5. Ubfortunately, thats what I did and that is the error I get. Problem is, i have no idea which file it is trying to copy when it fails.

May be I shouldn't bother anyway. I was only really doing it because Tomb Raider needs it

  Chegs ® 16:19 24 Feb 2004


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