DIR-655 & Virgin Cable

  Zigge2008 21:29 07 Sep 2008

Hi, I have had a WRT54GS router happily connected to my Virgin cable modem for a few years now with the only problem being a low wireless signal strength (3 bars in windows 3ft from the router - my neighbours wireless network gets full strength!) So I decided to change to a DIR-655. It all seems to be working - the internal network is fine, but I can't get it to connect to the Virgin internet - on the router status page it is constantly 'trying to connect'. The settings (what few there are) are DHCP, with MAC address cloning tab checked (i've tried both!). Simply whipping out the ethernet cables and plugging back into the WRT54GS restores the connection. What am I missing?

thanks in advance for any replies...

  brundle 00:28 08 Sep 2008

Disconnect and switch everything off for 10 minutes. Plug in modem, wait for lights to settle. Plug in router, give it a few minutes and boot a connected PC.

  Ashrich 22:00 08 Sep 2008

As brundle says above , the modem needs to forget it's association with the MAC of the WRT54gs before it can successfully connect to the DIR-655 . Some ( probably most ) cable modems bind themselves to the first MAC address they find and don't like being connected to anything else afterwards , hence the complete power down to help it " forget " .


  Zigge2008 22:09 08 Sep 2008

Thanks guys, this did indeed fix the issue. Now if I could only figure out why my wireless signal is STILL weak when I'm only 4ft from the router. Any ideas? my wireless adapter is an Atheros AR5005GS card. I'm considering replacing it now, probably with a D-Link card (DWA-547?) to go with the router (although when I look on dlink.co.uk none of the cards seem to support Vista)

  Ashrich 21:40 09 Sep 2008

click here for the latest Atheros drivers for Vista ( yours included ! )

Are you using the same channel that the router is using ? Try looking in Device Manager under the Advanced tab , after you have updated them .

To see what channel your neighbour is using go to ...run , type CMD and hit enter , then ,
Type without quote marks " netsh " press enter again , then type in ..." wlan show network mode=bssid , press enter and it will show you the local wireless networks , signal strength and channel they are on .

  Ashrich 22:41 09 Sep 2008

Does your laptop take an internal Mini PCI card or a Mini PCIe for the wireless connection . If it is a MiniPCIe then you can get an Atheros 5008 based card which is a direct match for the DIR-655 chipset , although you would need an extra internal antenna , these can usually be run under the keyboard or suchlike , although if that can't be done you can still use two of them but your connection will be limited to about 130MBPS rather than 300 . Make and model of laptop would be handy for checking on access to the card .


  Zigge2008 20:40 10 Sep 2008

Hi - Thanks for the advice! It's not a laptop, it's 18month old desktop, custom built from pcspecialist.co.uk

the gfx card in the machine is PCIexpress, but I think the other slots are all PCI.

  Zigge2008 20:44 10 Sep 2008

ok, i tried the 'wlan show network etc' command and it says the strenght of both my network and my neighbours is 100% - does this mean that it's as good as it can be?

now, when i go to the network icon in the system tray, it says I'm connected to my network but the little graphic displays only 2 green bars out of the 5.

i'm not sure if i have a problem or not!?!

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