Dipso - I don't understand!

  oldbeefer2 21:09 15 Jan 2007

Checking my router stats tonight gave a Data Rate of 5248kbps down and 448kbps up. Thinkbroadband speedtest (couldn't access the BT one) gave 367 up and 1818 down. Does this make sense? SNR 7.7 down and 27.0 up. Line attenuation 43.1 down and 23.0 up. Latency (whatever that is) INTERLEAVED. Your thoughts?

  Dipso 21:42 15 Jan 2007

OK. You sync at 5248 so your profile (the top speed you can expect on a good day) is 4500.

Do you ever get more than 2 Meg from a speedtest or is this just particularly bad tonight? Just wondering if you have a stuck profile problem.

Otherwise it's more likely due to contention at this time of night. Cehck the status of your telephone exchange at click here if the staus is RED your exchange is over capacity and would explain slow speeds.

I don't use the TB speedtester anymore as it gives me consistently poor results compared to other testers. Try click here or click here but you may have to log in.

Latency INTERLEAVED is a form of error correction. Your line must have been unstable at some point and throwing up too many errors. The BT monitoring kit must have felt it necessary to switch on interleaving to stabilize the line...nothing to worry about.

  oldbeefer2 22:40 15 Jan 2007

As always, thanks for your expert advice. Think it's the usual contention problem, as speed is usually higher at quiet times of day. Wasn't sure of the relationship between data rate and speed actually measured. Exchange status has been green since 18 Dec. I'll try your speedtest suggestions manyana. 'Too many errors' - router stats show 'errored seconds down 26952; up 125 (eleapsed time 15 days) and a 'loss of signal' 51 up and down. Also 'CRC Errors' - up 1526, down 9. So confusing!

  Dipso 14:02 16 Jan 2007

It certainly sounds like contention and you can't always go off the status of your exchange.

Once interleave has been switched on you usually see FEC errors start to appear in the stats (depending on your make of router). These show that interleave is working correctly.

It's hard to say how many errors are too many...I've seen people report them in there millions and still the connection works. At the end of the day if your connection is stable enough then there's no need to worry too much about the numbers.

The two speedtests I've linked to log your results so are useful for comparisons.

  oldbeefer2 15:46 16 Jan 2007

Thanks, Dipso - I'm happy enough with it at the moment, just trying to get my head round what the various stats mean - my knowledge of electronics started long before transistors let alone chips!

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