Dino PC

  JACC 15:40 26 Jul 2007

Anyone have or knows anyone who have a pc built buy Dinopc ?

  musky63 21:21 10 May 2008

Hi I have recently purchased a desktop from Dino PC and was a little concerned when I looked at the forum, but as somone else wrote 1 peson with a bad experience will tell ten and ten with a good experience will probably tell one. I got a very good speck PC for my money and it is working fine and came with everything I ordered including the upgraded CPU,down side delivery was a bit behind but came in 7 working days so not bad for a small firm which builds to order.

  georgeana 22:38 30 Sep 2011

I have not really had a good experience with Dino PC. I ordered a sub £500 model based primarily on a good review by PC Advisor. The PC came a week late (I can live with that but I had to chase them for information).

When it arrived I found that Windows Media Player (WMP) was working really slow and often switching off when trying to rip a CD. I telephoned their helpline and got through quickly. However I was disappointed with their advice - no suggestions apart from use Nero. In other words make do. When pushed I was told to take the DVD/CD drive out of the PC and return it. I was staggered with this advice and did not expect to have to have some technical knowledge to do this. Anyway I duly sent it off along with a number of emails. I did not hear anything. So I threatened to send the whole thing back. They did send a new drive but I have not tried it yet. The email they did send me suggested that it could be a compatibility issue - which is what i suggested in the first place. However it was with the software they sent me and i uploaded. I do not really have faith in this company and wonder if the warranty they give is worth the hassle.

I also think that they have become over stretched as a result of good reviews in PC Advisior. But this should not be MY problem.

I would suggest going to a well known manufaturer with easy access to their stores. By waiting a few weeks I could have bought a similar spec machine from John Lewis for about the same money.

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