Digital video monitor cable; missing pins?

  Danoh 01:30 24 Sep 2004

I'd purchased a separate DVI cable but a digital cable came with the TFT monitor which appears the same apart from a few missing pins in the middle of the array. The purchased cable had all pins present. Is there any difference between these two cables and have I bought the separate cable unnecessarily?

  Danoh 02:15 24 Sep 2004

DVI has a number of different types connectors:

DVI-D Digital only connector; 24 pins [modified D style]; ~ the one supplied with the LCD monitor
DVI-I Digital and Analog [RGB]; 29 pins [modified D style] ~ the one I bought.

Follow-up question is when would one be used in preference over the other?

  Danoh 02:22 24 Sep 2004

Both my cables are DVD-D; the one with middle pins I think is called single-link and the other dual-link but I don't know what the difference is for.

Anyone know?

  Danoh 00:31 26 Sep 2004


Anyone know what the difference is between a digital cable connector (PC or TV LCD monitor or plasma screens) which has the middle 6 pins out of a possible 24 missing (single link) and that which has all 24 pins (dual link)?

  Djohn 00:50 26 Sep 2004

I felt a little sorry for you talking to yourself ;o) so even though I can't answer your question directly, I found this for you and I think it will answer your questions.

click here

  Djohn 00:54 26 Sep 2004

The DVI-D and DVI-I formats (described below) are available in either Single or Dual link formats.

Dual-Link cables are backward compatible with Single-Link cables and allow you to achieve very high resolutions if your video card and LCD support it.

The general rule of thumb is that single link cables are good to 1920 x 1080, while dual link cables can achieve a resolution of 2048 x 1536.

So, check your LCD specs, if it says single link, then there is no point in getting a dual link cable (not quite true, since you can use a dual link cable later if you upgrade your LCD). The price difference between a single link an dual link cable is usually only a few bucks.

  Danoh 01:16 26 Sep 2004

Djohn, many thanks! Much appreciated.

  Danoh 01:19 26 Sep 2004

The cable that came with the LCD monitor was single link and would have been sufficient. If I had known I would not have ordered another digital cable but at least that was dual link.

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