Digital Video Interface (DVI)

  Barrie-281802 16:29 03 Jan 2003
  Barrie-281802 16:29 03 Jan 2003

My graphics card has a DVI-I connector. I am thinking about buying a TFT monitor which has a DVI-D connection.
Is it possible to connect a DVI-I to a DVI-D?

  BrianW 17:14 03 Jan 2003


  BrianW 17:17 03 Jan 2003

Yes - my Philips is quoted as a "DVI-D" but connected and runs quite happily - just make sure that the cable you get is for DVI-I to DVI-D. I got mine of E-Bay for about £10.00 (Belkin wanted around £50.00!?)

  Barrie-281802 17:28 03 Jan 2003

Many thank! All I need to do now is convince my wife that we really do need a TFT monitor!!

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