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  Loz_459 20:30 11 Feb 2003

I'm thinking of purchasing a Panasonic NV DS30B Digital camcorder. i have looked on the internet, and it says that it has an RS-232C PC connection, but it also says that it has an i-link connection. Will i be able to transfer digital video through Firewire to my PC, and what connection is an RS-232C?

Can someone (especially if they have this camcorder) help?


PS look at this link click here it has the specifications of the camcorder

  phredd 21:32 11 Feb 2003

Provided you have the necessary video editing software you can use the i-link to transfer your video onto your computer.

'i-link' is the Sony trademark for their equivalent (identical as far as compatibility is concerned) to Firewire. I assume that Panasonic are using the Sony version as that is the more common used with video cameras.

As long as you have a cable the correct end terminations it should be a matter of 'plug and play'

A RS232C connection as far as I remember is one of the old either 9-pin or 25-pin type sockets used as serial or parallel port connections. This would probably be much too slow to achieve good downloads of digital footage.

  phredd 22:34 11 Feb 2003

Looked again at the spec of the Panasonic, the RS 232C connection is stated to be for still picture transfer. That is OK for what will be a relatively low quality image (the camera is designed primarily for video and the stills facility is usually a bit of a compromise add-on)

The designated transfer for video is the i-link (which is Firewire) and I see it is listed as in/out. This is good as it allows you to edit your footage and then copy it back onto your digital tape in the camera. This facility always used to be disabled on digital cameras until recently.

It looks to be an OK camera if the price is right.

  siouxah1 22:39 11 Feb 2003


As above but you will need to have a 1394/Firewire card/connection on your computer. The RS 232C is, as far as I can remember only used to download still pictures, which most modern DV cameras can take. Usually not as good a resolution as a dedicated Digicam. But useful on the odd occasion. This latter connection will not download video. The camera should be recognised by the editing software so that capture of video can be achieved. If not there is usually a generic that will achieve the same. If you do not have a firewire card or capture card then you should find an editing suite bundled with it when you purchase.

Regards Brian

PS I use the NVDS11B

  Patr100 00:25 12 Feb 2003

I have this camcorder.You can use the RS 232 socket for tranfering analogue stills from can to PC though additional software is usually required from Panasonic - which I had with my previous Panasonic cam - it was a rather slow and cumbersome way of doing so so I never used it since. Firewire transfer is preferable for a number of reasons.

Excellent starter DV in cam, by the way There's no price on the link youe supplied but you can get it for less than £400 elsewhere. Recommended.

  Loz_459 13:16 12 Feb 2003

thanx for all your help, the question has been answered.

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