Digital Video direct to a computer monitor! - How?

  wyatt earp 21:45 30 Sep 2004

Hi all, I have had a look round for answers to this situation but seem to have drawn a blank. Any help much appreciated.

My son uses a Sharp LLT-17D3 monitor which has DVI-I input (29 pin)and an analogue input (15 pin. The monitor can be switched to and from each input. He also has a Sony Dv camcorder with DV out through firewire or output through s-vhs socket or audio/video out.

Can anyone suggest a method of connecting the camcorder to the monitor to playback the recorded images without going throgh the PC?

Any ideas welcome as ever, thanks.

  Night Ryder 21:52 30 Sep 2004

I'm not sure if these devices have the correct connectors to do as you suggest but I use a device known as a "DV converter" to connect firewire to analogue and vice versa. You could run a search for this kind of device and see if there is a version that also has a VGA connector.

  wyatt earp 22:06 30 Sep 2004

Thanks Night Rider.

What if the image were to come through the pc, is there something which would allow an output on the dvi side, of dual output graphics card, to the monotor?

Basically i don't want to have to buy him a new TV just to watch video off the camcorder! Yes, i know you tight bas***d!


  wyatt earp 22:15 01 Oct 2004


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