Digital tv not tuning

  ened 18:40 10 Jul 2009

I wasn't sure where to put this.

I have a 6 month old Sony TV. I also have a Freeview box which is wired up in order to be able to record.

In recent weeks I have noticed the signal on channels 301 & 302 is breaking up all the time.

Today I realised that it is fine when I watch it through the set-top box.

I tried to watch the golf just now and the television was reporting that the channel was not tuned. I turned the box on and the picture is perfect.

Can this be explained or should I be looking at a repair of the television.

I should add that this only happens with the mentioned channels. All other channels show fine.

  ened 19:07 10 Jul 2009

Maybe I didn't explain it very well but I was hoping some technical wizard could explain why I get a better signal from a second device which is attached to the same arial.

  mooly 19:32 10 Jul 2009

The signal may be marginal.
Connect the aerial lead (from the roof) directly into the TV to try it. Also do a rescan (retune)of the digital channels on the TV.
If your aerial is "old" and depending on your region, it may be a "grouped" aerial, meaning it was designed to receive a certain set of frequencies. Many of the digital MUX's or multiplexes that carry the channels are outside these old channel groupings and so require a "wideband" aerial. Each region and transmitter is different.
Your Sony probably has in the menus a signal strength meter... not hugely accurate but might be worth a look.

  sharpamat 19:42 10 Jul 2009

As already stated retune your digital channels with constant additions to the freeview channels list this can be a problem dependant on both the transmitter and the ariel

  DieSse 19:48 10 Jul 2009

Some receivers are better simply than others - so marginal signals can be OK through one box - not OK through another.

The same is true of satellite signals - especially true out here in Spain where signals are weaker generally. I have an older Pace box which cannot cope with some weaker channels that my sons newer Pace box, and my neighbours Thomson box can (when tested on the same dish, of course).

  DieSse 19:50 10 Jul 2009

PS - the only answer, all other things being equal, is to improve the original signal quality with a better aerial, better cable, and/or masthead amplifier.

  woodchip 20:28 10 Jul 2009

Also check aerial plug at tv end as these do degrade come loose fray etc

  woodchip 20:30 10 Jul 2009

My guess is a connector from aerial if its been okay before

  ened 08:14 11 Jul 2009

I'll try a re-tune and let you know.

  ened 06:59 12 Jul 2009

If anybody is experiencing this problem and does not have a secondary device it is not recommended that you attempt a re-tune.

I did this yesterday and it kicked out several channels, including ITV1 & Five.

A biy cheekily, because I bought the TV on line, I eventually sought advice in the local shop.

Apparently this problem with ch.301/2 has been ongoing for about two months and they (whoever 'they' are)have been moving channels about and generally causing mayhem to the network.

The reason why the set itself will not now tune to these channels is because it is looking for a good signal, whilst the set top box will just pump out anything it finds.

Apparently in order to get my 'lost' channels back I need to re-tune it when the signal is good!!!! Once found they will remain even through poor signal times.

This is meant to be progress!!!

  mooly 07:26 12 Jul 2009

Have you done a retune with the aerial direct into the TV ?
Have you asked any neighbours if they are having this problem ?
What transmitter are you on ? If you still receive analogue at your location is reception of that good ?

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