Digital TV this morning

  birdface 10:08 30 Mar 2011

My region Updated to the digital TV service this morning at 6 am.
Large TV With half decent aerial updated fine.
The two other TV' with the poorest of aerials on them also updated to digital but only giving BBC programs mostly and radio.
I was not expecting any pictures at all as one of the TV's only had one of those circular aerials that come with portable tv,s.
So maybe some of you will not need to go out and buy new aerials worth a try if you have not already updated.
This was with TV.s that had there own freeview channels preinstalled and not from Digital boxes.

  QuizMan 10:20 30 Mar 2011

I had an aerial installer round recently to sort out a small reception problem I was having. He told me that the digital signal is not necessarily at full strength yet. Where I live, I get my signal from Crystal Palace which has reduced its signal because it was interfering with the Redhill mast. Only when the whole country is fully digital will it be able to operate at full strength. I don't pretend to understand the technicalities.

  birdface 10:41 30 Mar 2011

Well I am at the outskirts and as far away from most transmitters and still be able to receive a signal.
I was not expecting to get any digital channels on my two portable TV.s and to be honest the normal picture was of poor quality.
So highly delighted to pick up any digital signal at all.
As far as I could read it is done in 2 phases not sure what it means but the second starts a week after the first.
I have a little portable aerial that I will try when I get back in to see if that helps get more stations or not.
But at the moment impressed that I am getting any channels at all.

  proudfoot 11:46 30 Mar 2011

Some terrestrial digital channels transmit at lower power than the main BBC ITV etc. if you want these you may have to invest in a high gain aerial with low loss Co-axial cabling to get the best reception.
If all you want is the main channels an existing external aerial in good condition except at the limit of the transmission area is all that is required.

  robin_x 11:58 30 Mar 2011

Us yokels got DSO in 2009 in the SW and other UK regions.

Many people had problems.
Many were sold so called 'digital' aerials when they may not have needed them.

In general, set top aerials (even with boosters) perform badly. You are have been lucky.

Signal is best from a roof aerial or if not possible a loft aerial. These aerials way or may not have an aerial amp attached.

This should then feed to a distribution booster amplifier with coax feeds to each TV (built-in Freeview), or PVR, STB, PC TV Tuner etc

If you have problems, check connections, cable, signal strength and quality (Signal Noise Ratio) menu options.

A cheap booster is ideal for investigating/solving problems on a single feed.
click here
(I use one of those to a 4 way one of the same. But I live in a dip with bad reception)

Research and Google DSO Reception channel DSO problems. is a useful forum also.

Last resort is a new aerial. Unless you need one or money is no object.

  birdface 12:00 30 Mar 2011

I have a TV aerial in the loft which picks up all my Freeview channels on The TV whether it has added extra digital channel's I don't know yet till I browse through them all.

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