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  musopoet 12:17 24 Jun 2008

I understand that there is only an indirect link with personal computing on this issue but thought somebody may be able to help.

I recently canceled my subscription with sky but retained the box and subsequently disconnected the box from my tv. However,a friend of mine suggested that I utilise the box to watch freeview tv.

Is this possible? Would I be able to watch freeview tv with this box? I have an aerial connection and also a connection supplied by sky - it connects via the box and my phone line.

Which is the correct ariel connection to enable me to watch freeview tv via the sky box? I also use my phone line for aol broadband via an external modem.

  Clapton is God 12:59 24 Jun 2008
  Shortstop 13:20 24 Jun 2008

The only thjing that I can suggest is that you consider a one-off payment to Sky to watch the freeview channels like this:

click here

Not ideal as I guess you were looking for a freebie option .....



  Clapton is God 13:36 24 Jun 2008

Or buy a Freeview box - much cheaper click here

  birdface 13:42 24 Jun 2008

Maybe wrong.But I am led to believe that if you still have the sky box connected to the Sky Satellite dish you should still receive your freeview channels.

  Stuartli 14:11 24 Jun 2008

I think the confusion may arise because a Sky dish can be fitted with an extra LNB to receive the new BBC/ITV Freesat service (including HD transmissions).

Sky's free-to-satellite service, also available for a one-off payment, is similarly named Freesat....:-)

The BBC/ITV Freesat service has quite a number of different channels (apart from the standard terrestial services) to that of Freeview.


click here

Sky's equivalent, which has been available for some time:

click here

  musopoet 15:37 24 Jun 2008

So...according to buteman I will be able to receive some freeview channels - yes?

This box also has a card slot so will I be able to top up with extra freeview channels if I get a card?

I have a freeview box but it doesn't have a card slot

  birdface 16:06 24 Jun 2008

If you were with Sky.And with them no longer.They left the freeview channels in case you ever went back.Easy way to test it is if you are still connected to the Satellite just run a cable from your Sky box to maybe a portable TV try tuning the TV in and see what channels that you receive.Now if Sky cut you off for non payment or anything like that it probably will not work.This is the way it used to be a few years back.So not sure if it is still the same.

  Stuartli 19:16 24 Jun 2008

The Sky free-to-air channels are different to Freeview in the majority of cases.

See my posting above and:

click here

click here

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