Digital TV & Freeview box

  iscanut 15:57 09 Oct 2007

My apologies for a topic that is not really computer related, but I am sure someone out there can advise. If I get a Digital TV with all the Freeview channels and then attach a PVR which also has Freeview facilities, which Freeview source will I need to access, TV or PVR ? Does it matter ? Sorry but I am ignorant in such matters !

  anchor 16:25 09 Oct 2007

It won`t matter.

If you wish to record a programme on the PVR, you set it up using its own freeview digital tuner. To watch a recorded programme, connect the recorder to the TV via a scart connection.

On the other hand to watch a programme on the new TV, you just use the TV`s own freeview tuner. In these circumstances, the PVR does not need to be switched on.

  piddletrenthide 16:25 09 Oct 2007

It shouldn't matter. With this set-up you should be able to either record or view from either source.

  eedcam 18:13 09 Oct 2007

Your main concern will be you are splitting the freeview signal between the 2.If you have a full strength signal and signal quality ( these are not the same thing ) you will be ok, other wise you may need to feed from an inexpensive aerial booster.

  iscanut 18:35 09 Oct 2007

Thanks for the clarification all of you. Much clearer now.

  laurie53 19:41 09 Oct 2007

Don't Freeview recorders have a built in signal amp anyway?

On the old VHS recorders if you fed them with the RF signal, the RF output to the TV was amplified. It was not unknown to have to fit an attenuator in a strong signal area - I've still got one somewhere.

Aren't Freeview recorders the same?

  anchor 11:09 10 Oct 2007

I have a Panasonic PVR. The aerial plugs first into that, then on to the TV. I can see no loss of signal whatsoever.

Unless you are in a weak signal area, you should not need any booster. A good outside aerial helps.

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