Digital TV Changeover

  birdface 09:57 13 Apr 2011

Remember to retune your TV's this morning as the second stage of the digital changeover takes place. ITV channels have now been added. I have a digital TV downstairs with the Basic Ring loop aerial that you used to get on the old portable televisions and I now get all of the BBC channels and from this morning the ITV channels including channel 5. So no need to go out and buy fancy aerials just check to see what channels that you can pick up on your old aerial. Fair enough you do not pick up all the channels but good enough for what I need.

  onthelimit1 10:06 13 Apr 2011

Depends which part of the country you're in. Shropshire was last Wednesday and again next Wed.

  Woolwell 10:21 13 Apr 2011

As onthelimit1 states it depends where you live. No need to retune in my part of the country as we went completely digital ages ago.

  birdface 10:24 13 Apr 2011

onthelimit1 Ok never thought of that I was thinking it was all done at once. Never mind at least we know to retune whenever it happens. I was going to get my Son in law to erect an aerial so that my wife could watch her usual TV programs in the kitchen but we get them now without an aerial so no need to buy one now. I can see a few Aerial company's going out of business shortly when folk find that they can get good pictures without having high quality aerials erected.

  birdface 10:27 13 Apr 2011

Woolwell yes I must have had my blinkers on and only concentrating in my area of the country.Thanks for the input.

  Woolwell 10:35 13 Apr 2011


I saw a lot of new aerials installed for digital changeover which I don't think were necessary. We didn't change ours and the picture is good. I hope that people weren't conned.

  rawprawn 10:44 13 Apr 2011

We don't get digital TV until 27th September this year!

  birdface 10:47 13 Apr 2011

Woolwell Well I suppose there were plenty warning about having the correct aerial for Digital TV but I am sure most will be happy with the pictures they get using their old aerials. I was really surprised to be able to pick up any channels at all with just the portable wire ring loop aerial that I have. So I can see the price of aerials falling sharply soon. I live in the outer limit of the signal provider so never thought for a minute that I would get any pictures at all.

  woodchip 11:26 13 Apr 2011

rawprawn So your in the same area as me Yorkshire.

buteman There is no such thing as a digital TV Ariel they all do the same thing

  birdface 11:49 13 Apr 2011

woodchip There is no such thing as a digital TV Ariel] I know that and you know that so why do they still advertise them as such. I suppose as they can pick up digital TV signals they are within their rights to call them Digital aerials.

  amonra 12:39 13 Apr 2011

Buteman. If you call the aerial a "Digital" one then you can stick a few quid more on the bill !!!

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