Digital recovery

  User-178362 22:39 28 Jul 2005

I have just this min deleted a folder containing Pictures from my Recycle Bin. So I went into Dig Rec selected C Drive and D Not sure what I am doing, I thought maybe it might go back into the recyle bin, Where should I look? also if it was the last in shouldn't it be first out?

The Images I have recovered that I do not want how and where should I find them?

  stalion 22:49 28 Jul 2005

go here scroll down to the bottom for the free version click here

  User-178362 22:58 28 Jul 2005

Stalion, I have the free version, I have just used it, but not sure if my folder has come back and where to look. It is not in the recylcle bin where I thought it might go.

  stalion 23:00 28 Jul 2005

the program recovers all the files it can you need to scroll through them until you find the ones you need

  User-178362 23:05 28 Jul 2005

OK stalion but It will have to go though months of deleted items, and if I do find it how do I get rid of all the others? and where will I find them all?

  User-178362 01:15 29 Jul 2005

I see I can choose a directory, i.e recycle bin, does this mean all thats recov, would have come from there and go back?

  DieSse 01:27 29 Jul 2005

Try reading the help file - it's very straightforward.

After you analyse the disk - you look for your deleted folder - then you recover it - and it asks you where you want it to go. So basically a recovered folder/file is where you tell it to be!

The loger you use your drive, the higher the chances are that the filess will be overwritten with new files, and be unrecoverable.

  DieSse 01:33 29 Jul 2005

PS - t doesn't automatically recover anything - yu look for the deleted items - the ones with a cross on them - when you find the one you think it is - click on it - then click the recover button - then choose a folder to put it into (or accept what they give you) - then follow the routine through.

I just did it to see how it wrks - and after one look at the manual recovered a file - very straightforward I thought - so I've kept the proggie as a possibly useful tool!

  Danoh 11:58 29 Jul 2005

I use another recovery program but will try this one out as it looks newer.

  User-178362 14:45 29 Jul 2005

Down Loaded Recovery
Under Local disk
Browes for folder? Which one? Recycle Bin isn't there.
restore folder structure no tick in box, is it important?

  User-178362 15:06 29 Jul 2005

Under Local disk (C) NTFS.
I clicked on the red cross as in Program files. It dissopieard into the large box on the right side, name Size Modified created 25/2/2004 Help I think I'm in the middle of deleteing something I shouldn't. 1500hrs 28/7/05

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