Digital Radio, Set Top Boxes, and Computers

  Mike2002 23:55 23 Apr 2003

Confused by different opinions as to what is best for recording programs from BBC7 (Internet is not 100% reliable quality-wise), it's a choice between a DAB radio or via a Freeview Digital TV box. But can the latter be connected up DIRECTLY to a desktop PC instead of having to go through a TV?

  monkeyshine 00:01 24 Apr 2003

Just get a FreeView DTV box from PC World, you can then connect to PC AND TV. Hauppauge make one.

  Mike2002 10:41 24 Apr 2003

Thanks 'Monkeyshine'. In my case the TV and the computer are in different rooms, so connecting the two isn't convenient. Are you saying that I can connect the box to the PC without a TV being in the process?

  monkeyshine 11:21 24 Apr 2003

Mike, yep, the box turns your PC into a TV and you can record programmes to your HDD, it shuold come with the software for this.

  monkeyshine 11:23 24 Apr 2003

A word of caution, 'normal' set top boxes are not suitable, you need to get it from a computer store

  monkeyshine 11:27 24 Apr 2003

Oops, another caveat, you must be connected to an outside antenna unless you live very close to a transmitter. Digital broadcasts definitely require a strong signal.

  Mike2002 17:47 24 Apr 2003

'monkeyshine': As originally stated, it's BBC7 (radio) I'm interested in. In the past I have put up a few antennas and am familiar with TV and FM types. Is it the same for digital radio/TV - or does a single antenna do for all?

  monkeyshine 18:03 24 Apr 2003

You will need a TV antenna (even though it's a radio station) The digital signals all come in on the TV antenna.

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