Digital photos when viewed on PC monitor.

  jsp21c 15:25 06 Jul 2003

I have a Fuji 4900 digital camera which has a little screen on the back to view the recently taken photos.When viewed on this screen the colours and light seem just right. When I transfer these pictures onto my PC and view them on the PC screen, the very same photos appear in general to be much darker and need to be edited by raising the gamma level to make them viewable on the PC. I have a TNT2 M64 graphics card and also the latest Fuji USB drivers. Another strange occurance is that the photos can be printed while they look dark on the PC screen, and they come out looking the same as on the camera screen i.e. good colours.
Has anyone any ideas what the problem is, why the colours don't transfer well from the camera to PC ? Would a better graphics card help or be a waste of money ?

  jsp21c 15:30 06 Jul 2003

I meant to say as well that I do have the brightness and contrast settings on my PC monitor both turned up too, i.e contrast is 96% and brightness is 90%. I have the graphics card set to show all possible colours too.
Thanks. Jsp21c.

  DieSse 16:13 06 Jul 2003

The monitor settings are the problem, if at all other stages the photos look much the same. The nvidia drivers have their own adjustments for colour settings, designed to adjust for just the sort of incompatability you are seeing - give them a whirl.

  Smiler 16:14 06 Jul 2003

What program are you using to view the files?

  Pesala 16:22 06 Jul 2003

Monitor Tests: Display Calibration click here Monitor Response click here Screen Calibration click here (provided by Huggyg71)

The graphics card is fine for photo editing. It sounds like you have your monitor gamma setting too low. My brightness/contrast settings are 75/68.

  jsp21c 16:56 06 Jul 2003

I'm using Windows prieview and also IrfanView and sometimes exif viewer. The photos look the same in each viewer.

  jsp21c 16:58 06 Jul 2003

I have run the gamma test & it shows a setting of 2.2 I'm not sure if there is any setting on the monitor to change the gamma.

  jsp21c 17:01 06 Jul 2003

I did try the Nvidia Detonator drivers a few weeks back but didn't like the setting they gave -- changed my screen to a much less sharp image. How to I change the drivers to help with my problem.?

  woodchip 17:23 06 Jul 2003

AS Smiler says you can adjust gamma in some programs that?s where you need to make the adjustments, look for monitor calibration in the menu of your photo editing program

  woodchip 20:06 06 Jul 2003

So what worked

  Smiler 17:54 07 Jul 2003

As Woodchip says WHAT WORKED
I also said on aprevious thread its nice to help people but it would be appreciated if we are told what fixed a problem then we can pass it on.
It costs nothing to let people know that they are appreciated.

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