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  ronec 21:13 18 Jul 2005

I have transfered digital photo's to both cd and dvd. When I play them on my cd player the picture quality is quite poor. It is as if the photo's have transfered out of my album at the small kb size they are stored at. Any idea how I transfer them at the full mb size so that they look great?

  hssutton 21:51 18 Jul 2005

Are the photo's actually in the album or scattered About your h/drive in various folders?. most of the modern album type software create a thumbnail of the actual image with a link to wherever they are stored. If this is the case you you will only burn the thumbnails using your album. to burn the full size image you will have to go to the folder in which they are stored.

  ronec 20:50 19 Jul 2005

thaks hssutton.
I download from my card through a reader to Windows picture viewer and then from the thumbnails to a folder in 'my documents' I have used 'Xoom photo's on tv'to make my photo dvd but have only used the photo's from my thumbnail folder. Do you suggest I load each photo from my editing software where it comes on screen at full resolution?

  Bagsey 21:28 19 Jul 2005

You dont say what OS you are using but I will assume that you have XP.
First make a folder and name it so that you can find it easily.
Open the camera images to your computer then select all. Copy them to your new folder at their full resolution. I would at this point check through the images and discard any that you dont want. Now as the purpose of this exercise is to save your camera images to CD or DVD I would save that new folder as full resolution images to a CD or DVD. They are now safe and you can edit them as you wish knowing that if you mess up you still have your master copy safe and can start again with your edit.
If you save at initially at a reduced size or resolution then you are never going to ungrade your image in the future.
I hope that this makes sense and is of help. If not please shout again.

  hssutton 22:02 19 Jul 2005

More or less what Bagsey says, but I would suggest a slightly different route. Download Picassa click here This is freeware, but exceptionally good. This will locate all the images on your H/drive. When you have done this you will see thumbnails of all your photos. Now select from the thumbnails the images you want to transfer to disk (control left click) each image you require. When you have selected these go to "Edit" >> "Export Images to Folder". Having first created a folder on your desktop. It is now a simple step to burn to disk.

  Bagsey 17:19 20 Jul 2005

Thanks for your link. I have heard about this program but never tried it out . Got it last evening and now wouldnt want to be without it.
Again Thanks

  ronec 20:12 20 Jul 2005

Thanks guys, I will try what you have suggested.

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