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  LEGGGGY 15:05 04 Jan 2005

new to the digital age i'd like to purchase a digital camera and have considered the Sony cybershot DSC-W1 .First of all is this a good choice and is it easy to set up with pc,, my pc does not have a card reader fitted does this matter ??

  JoeC 15:17 04 Jan 2005

at this similar thread

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  jack 15:17 04 Jan 2005

Hard to recommend an individual camera - there are too many and they change weekly.
Sony is a good brand, although the unique Memory Stick used by them is pricey compared to other memory types.
Then camera will connect directly via the USB connector to your computer.
If you are running XP operating system the this will show in my computer as a new drive.
The software supplied with cameras is usually best left in the box, and one of the regular Photo editing softwares available be obtained instead. such as Photo suite /Paint Shop Pro/ PhotoShop Elements all at about £60/70 or
'The Gimp/Irfanview/which can be download free.[A Google search will reveal these and more]

  Chris Webster 15:18 04 Jan 2005

I don't know much about the model camera you're thinking of getting but my second digital camera was a Sony and i was well pleased with it.

Most cameras come with a USB cable to download your photos to your pc but this can drain the camera batteries quite quickly. I use a USB 6 in 1 card reader/writer, If your'e running WinME or XP then it's just plug and play. If you get a card reader make sure it takes Memory Stick because i think that's what all Sony cameras use, but just check when buying the camera.
Cheers, Chris.

  LEGGGGY 15:29 04 Jan 2005

god thanks all,ive got a lot to research ,,is it easy to install the card reader and any preferences out there ?

  Chris Webster 15:37 04 Jan 2005

If you're using either WindowsME or XP then all you need to do is just plug the USB cable into a spare USB port, Windows will install the drivers.
If you're on XP and it supports USB2 then get a USB2.0 reader.

  john-232317 15:47 04 Jan 2005

You dont really need a card reader, XP will copy off the camera with the USB lead. Just plug in and turn the camera on. In our family there are 3 different makes and all take good pics. ;-))

  Fellsider 15:48 04 Jan 2005

If you think that a particular camera may be the one for you why not go to the manufacturers website and see if you can download the relevant brochure or even the instruction manual. You can then see what it's like and help you to decide.

  LEGGGGY 15:49 04 Jan 2005

cheers for all help and advise given, just got to decide on which camera!

  anchor 16:38 04 Jan 2005

The Sony DSC-W1 is an excellent camera. Read a review here:

click here

The sample pics are first class.

Yes, Memory Stick is more expensive than other memory card, but not prohibitively so. £16.99 (+p/p) from 7dayshop, No Vat due on this item. A USB Card reader from them would cost no more than a tenner.

  anchor 16:40 04 Jan 2005

Should have added that the £16.99 memory stick is 128Mb.

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