Digital photo frames

  ChasNoel 14:05 20 Jan 2009

I was given a digital photo frame as a Chistmas present and I now want to download some of my 1000 or so photos from PC =- a few at a time of course. There is a USB socket and I have a cable with USB at both ends. Can anyone tell me how to transfer the photos I decide to select? I have several Photo software programmes including Olympus and Canon, and I also use the Google one Picasa, but none of them seems to want me to Transfer OUT of the programme only IN.

  MAJ 14:17 20 Jan 2009

Plug the frame into the PC, if it comes up as a drive in "My Computer" (in XP) or "Computer" (in Vista), just drag and drop your photos to that drive. Or if it has a memory card installed and you have a built-in card reader in your computer or printer, drag and drop the photos to that in "My Compter/Computer".

  ChasNoel 14:43 20 Jan 2009

Dear Maj,
Many thanks! I am off to get the frame and try that now.

  ChasNoel 14:54 20 Jan 2009

Dea Maj
No! That didn't work.
I got the usual bleep telling me that new hardware was detected and inviting me insert the software disc but there was none with the package. I have tried E-mailing the makers in Taiwan but am not holding breath for a reply. Any other ideas?

  MAJ 15:03 20 Jan 2009

Mine also works by plugging a pen drive (example click here) into the USB port of the Frame. Or if you tell us the make and model of your frame, we'll see if there are drivers around for it. Also, you haven't said if it has a memory card plugged into it, or the option to use a memory card.

  ChasNoel 15:15 20 Jan 2009

It's a Deko Elite 7" and no memory card. The website is pretty poor and the instruction booklet abysmal. I have two slots at the bottom one for a Cf card and one for an XD card and that is it. I guess I'll have to buy a memory stick next time I am out. Thanks for your help.

  MAJ 15:24 20 Jan 2009

Yes, ChasNoel, it looks like you're going to need either a Pen Drive or a memory card (it supports quite a few types) to get your pictures on to it. You can download the manual and see which memory cards it supports if you click here

  john bunyan 15:53 20 Jan 2009

I would first create a folder in your computer say : My Pictures/Photoframe. Then I would copy the files you want to that folder. Then resize them to about 510(w) by 305 (ht) or 18cm x 13.5 cm at a resolution of 72 dpi. (No point in using bigger ones as they use too much memory (Save them in this file in the new size). Also save as basline optimised, not progressive in the jpeg option. Then you could try plugging in the frane, and see if it shows as a drive, if so suggest you create a file in it - say "import from PC then drag and drop the contents of the file you created . I found in a Sony frame that files recorded in a camera show in the frame via an sd card, but not if the jpegs were loaded to a sd card from a PC. Worth finding out the capacity of the internal memory, as this will limit how many photos you can load.

  ChasNoel 16:39 20 Jan 2009

Many thanks Maj and John Bunyan (good name that and well known where I come from)
Your kind and helpful suggestions appear not to work from me =-maybe because I have a Dell PC an d a Dell printer. I did think about putting my SD card which holds 2 GB into the printer but cannot find any way of transferring the photos to it. I need a PC expert in my spare room but, failing that, this site is the next best thing. Again m y thanks for your efforts.

  MAJ 16:44 20 Jan 2009

I'm not sure if the frame supports a 2GB card, ChasNoel, I think I saw somewhere that it only supports a card up to 1GB. To transfer pictures to the card, put the card in a card reader, plug the card reader into your PC and drag and drop pictures to it. If your PC or printer doesn't have a card reader, then you'll have to get one of those as well. Your best/cheapest bet might be to use a Pen Drive.

  ChasNoel 18:08 20 Jan 2009

Many thanks again Maj. I see that the website you directed me to seems to be running out of pendrives so I guess I'll drop into the local PC World.

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