Digital Conversion Help Plz

  goose1984 19:25 24 Feb 2005

Hiya all!

I have a camera which records onto HI-8 tapes. I want to convert these some how / put these home movies onto my PC. How do I go about doing this? Any help would be great


  howard60 19:30 24 Feb 2005

with luck you will have a cable that can attach to your tv/video. Once on a video you should be able to get a cable to connect between the tv and pc. Then you will need some video capture software.

You will need a capture card to conect your video to in order to get the files onto your computer.

Depending on your requirements and Operating system, it can be -

ATI All in Wonder Card. (Never used this myself)

Dedicated capture card such as the Pinacle DC30 or DV500.

AVI to DVI convertors from Canopus.

Really does depend on your hardware and what you want to do with the footage once captured.

  goose1984 19:35 24 Feb 2005

In order to do either does the camera need to have digtal output? Because the camera only has is S-Video (which if i am right in saying that doesnt transmit sound only picture) and composite video and sound.

As you do not have DV OUT then your only option is to use S Video (or Composite) and use the audio out connections from your camcorder.

Again depending what capture device you opt for, will depend how you connect your audio - either through the capture card or through your soundcard.

The DC30Plus/DV500 provides composite and S Video connections (DV500 has firewire as well). Captures in AVI format.

The canapus (ADC50 or 100) capture in DV AVI format.

Either way you end up with and editable AVI.

Again you dont say what your end use will be - to VCR or DVDR?

I have a DC30PLUS complete with Prmeiere 5 (legitimate) for sale. Email if you are interested.

  goose1984 21:48 24 Feb 2005

Sorry the end result well be going onto DVD's

  goose1984 09:49 25 Feb 2005

Hiya all

I have found this card on the net would this do click here

I would connect S-Video from the camera to the new video capture card(£30) and then buy a phono to 3.5mm stereo adaptor (£1.49) which I will plug the composite sound cables into and then I will plug this adaptor into the stereo scoket of the video capture card.

Would this work?


I have no idea whether the card is any good or not.

Capturing to MPEG direct requires a very fast computer. Otherwise the qality is compromised.

Also capturing direct to MPEG makes editing very hard afterwards. It is possible - i.e Mainconcept PRO encoder which is a plugin for Premiere Pro. Expensive but very good.

Capture to AVi - edit - then encode leaves your possibilities open .

Go for the card if you like it. I wouldnt.

  Technotiger 23:20 25 Feb 2005

Hi, yes that card would work ok. I do mine with a similar card (Hauppage)


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