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  longbelly 15:11 09 Apr 2007

I used to use an old Olympus SLR. Then I bought a simple Kodak compact. It has a rattling good lens and I like the way I can carry it around in a (large) pocket. The one thing I don't like is the screen which is almost useless in bright daylight. I now wish to upgrade, but not necessarily to an SLR, but an advanced compact - 6 to 9 MP, very good lens with largish optical zoom, well built, manual control etc - with a screen that can be viewed in most situations. Is there such an animal?

Is there an advanced compact with a really useable screen?

  mole44 15:13 09 Apr 2007

i think jessops do a hood that fixes over the screen to give a better view

  Stuartli 15:49 09 Apr 2007

You can still buy digital cameras with a proper viewfinder - the thought of only being able to frame photographs using a screen held away from you is completely alien to me...:-)

It must also cause quite a bit of camera shake in many cases.

  Kate B 15:55 09 Apr 2007

Yup, I'm old-fashioned on this one, too: I prefer to frame a picture with a viewfinder held up to my eye. For many years I used a wonderful old Pentax KX: fully manual film camera; and I've moved through a selection of digital cameras since then. I'm now using a Nikon D80 which I love almost as much as I love my Pentax KX.

The Nikon D40 that Stuartli linked to on Friday looks like a winner if you don't mind going for a DSLR rather than a compact. click here

  Stuartli 16:02 09 Apr 2007

>>For many years I used a wonderful old Pentax KX>>

I think my Ashai Pentax Spotmatic first bought in 1966 might be an even more wonderful older Pentax..:-)

Before that I used to use a Pentax S1 for professional assignments, provided by the news agency for which I did football and weddings.

Personal equipment at the time was usually a Zeiss Ikon or Yashica twin-lens reflex, but the S1 felt so right that I bought the Spotmatic.

Still got the Spotmatic, along with a Nikon 401 body and a Tamron 28-200mm AF zoom (very slightly larger than a standard lens when unextended).

  Kate B 16:46 09 Apr 2007

Those Spotmatics were lovely *misty-eyed* I don't know how old my KX is (I've still got it) - I bought it second-hand in 1982. Mine's got the black body described by a possibly over-optimistic eBay vendor as "rare" and looks not unlike this one click here complete with a bit of brass showing through. It travelled the world with me.

  jack 16:52 09 Apr 2007

The trend to composing in a rear view screen only with out the option seems a step backward tome - I remember folk doing the wavy thing with a Box Brownie peering into a tiny screen

Someone is sure to come out with a clip on eye viewfinder- I had a Ensign Selfix 120[going back 60 years this] and it had an Albada type finder- simply two lens that folded down into a mount and when you release the top it became the front 'screen' and the eyepiece popped up- Its sure to happen.

Meanwhile the View hood for rear screens
Got one on my Olympus E300
Sevendayshop.Also Jessops also click here.

  Diemmess 17:15 09 Apr 2007

I have had 3 Olympus cameras over the years
A C-900 Zoom passed to my wife who prefers simplicity
A C-5050z currently at repair for last 4 weeks!
Replaced with a SP550UZ with an 18X optical zoom.

All have "viewfinders."
The first two of the expected optical type with some info visible
The last has my first intro to a mini LCD for my eye. I
It works but to me is not as friendly or bright at the straight optical variety.

Try this site for almost ANY individual camera review, you need to know the model first but sales outles will give a range of possibles
click here

  Stuartli 19:42 09 Apr 2007

The K-bayonet mount Pentax models came out some time after my Spotmatic was purchased (it's a screw mount, Ashai having adopted the East German Practica derived method for its early SLR models).

  J B 20:33 09 Apr 2007

My first camera was a Petri 7F range finder which was very basic, graduated to a pentax km, then a Mamayia C330 Pro F TLR, but now have a fully manual Nikon FM2 which I dearly love. As for digital I have an HP R967 10mp which I use all the time along with the Nikon. Having said all that I use my hand to shield sun light from the viewing screen, works quite well, however if you point the camera in the general direction of the subject and use the screen to compose the subject, squeeze off three shots and keep the best. That is my rule of thumb and it works quite well even with the SLR. Hope this helps. J.B.

  Stuartli 00:12 10 Apr 2007

I can still tell when anyone shows me a photograph whether it was taken with a digital or film camera.

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