Digital Certficates on Win XP Prof

  dth 17:18 10 Jun 2005

Were are they stored?


  Buchan 35 19:56 10 Jun 2005

If thats for an illegal Win Pro you won`t get an answer here.

  exhumed 20:55 10 Jun 2005

what is the question

  dth 14:20 11 Jun 2005

Sorry I haven't made my question very clear.

Digital certificates confirm ID and allow you to access restricted websites without having to type in a password etc. They are usully valid for a year and are then renewed.

My problem is that I now have 4 on my work P/C (insurance stuff) - one is current and three are expired certificates. When I log-on to an insurance site all 4 show up - rather than just the current one. Hence my question - so that I can remove the old ones from my P/C.

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