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  Pau1JB 15:40 23 Jul 2004


i was thinking of buying a digital camera. And i can get the canon ixus 500 for £230. What comments does anyone have on this camera? And what other camears is there out there that are as good or better than this one.

Is it worth buying because of the price alone?

  cga 15:53 23 Jul 2004

I know I am a bore about this but I would seriouswly weigh up the value of a very small size camera versus one that takes AA style batteries. Generally the proprietry batteries you get in very small cameras do not hold a very high charge (measured in MaH)and do tend to degrade as they get older. Rechargeable AA style batteries now go up to 2500MaH and, even if are caught out without spares, you can always get alkaline batts in an emergency. My last (and only) camera with a proprietry battery would last well less than a day on one charge whereas I can now go for many snaphappy days without changing.

Also be carefull about claims that Lithium Ion batteries do not have any memory effect solve all these problems. For Digital Cameras, that draw very high power, this is not true.

  jonnytub 16:05 23 Jul 2004

very good price!, also an excellent camera. At the end of the day you will get many opinions from different people, all probably good and valid, but i suggest you go to a store pick the camera up and get a "feel" for it, if it feels good to handle then go for it as the cameras performance is well up to scratch, especially if it's your first digi model.
regards jonny

  jonnytub 16:06 23 Jul 2004

that wasn't a dig at any forum member by the way!!! :-)

  jonnytub 16:07 23 Jul 2004

camera spec click here

  Pau1JB 16:35 23 Jul 2004

What cameras would u suggest that use normal AA batterys.

  Pau1JB 16:36 23 Jul 2004

Can anyone tell me more about getting digital photos printed out. Like you do when u get normal film developed.

  BigAl127 18:16 23 Jul 2004


Where have you seen the CanonIxus 500 at £230.?

  absent 19:33 23 Jul 2004

Have a look at this site,click here it convinced me to buy the A80. It takes rechargable AA batteries and has manual controls that the Ixus range lacks. I find it a fantastic camera.

  whybe 20:03 23 Jul 2004

The Sony DSC P93 is around the price bracket, takes AA batteries, 5.1mp auto or manual and I have found that even at the lowest resolution (used for our Scout website) the images are impressive.

  anchor 09:01 24 Jul 2004

If you want the small size of the Ixus 500, then especially at that price, go for it. On the other hand the A80 is larger, but offers a greater range of control. Both are excellent cameras.

On the other hand, I have seen the Canon S50, which I have and can really recommend, reduced locally in a Photooptix shop to £269. It is being replaced by the S60.

As regards prints from the camera; a number of shops & companies do this, for example Bonusprint. You can upload your pics directly to them.

click here

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