digital camera won't upload to pc ,anymore

  hu16 11:52 26 May 2008

I have a Sony dsc-r1 digital camara.i have been able to connect it via it's usb cable to my pc and up load pictures from the camera to the Sony picture package file on the pc.I don't know what i have done wrong,but i can no longer transfer any more pictures across to my pc,for about the last ten days when i connect the camera to the pc,i get a message up on the screen saying"to run this application you need to install macromedia flash player first".I never had this message or problem before,so not sure what I've done.hope someone can help as iam not pc savvy.thanks

  Technotiger 11:55 26 May 2008

Better to load your pictures via a Card Reader attached permanently to the PC. click here

  Diemmess 12:04 26 May 2008

Are there some movie type files there?

You could try closing the message-
Then have a look in My Computer for the camera, which which may show as Removable Drive or a drive with a later letter than your HD.
Double click on this -

There will be a folder like DCM depending on how Sony do things.

Double click again and another folder will appear.

If you open this folder you should see a whole list of files present on the camera. At this point you can open, or copy to somewhere else or whatever you want.

  jack 12:10 26 May 2008

With upload problems is to remove any camera supplied software and let Windoze do the Work.
Assuming you have Me/2000/XP/Vista
The PC will simply put on screen the Scanner Camera Wizard and ask what you want to do with the files.
Simply click on my computer and you will find a new removable drive.

  anchor 12:37 26 May 2008

As suggested, use a card reader for the type of card you use. You don`t need to keep it permanently connected; insert your memory card, then plug the reader into the USB port when needed.

Open your files from the card, and copy them to a folder the PC.

  jack 14:05 26 May 2008

saves on batteries too
readers are chep/ so thats the way ahead- but do take the camers software out plenty of free images readers and editors out there
for example irfanview, picasa. are but 2

  Weskit 14:57 26 May 2008

Have you somehow altered the setting as to how the camera shows to the PC. My HP has the option, in Setup, to change the USB Configuration from Disk Drive to Digital Camera. I normally keep it on Disk Drive. Having said that, I use a card reader as others have advised...

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