digital camera, usb connection safe to attach hot?

  jospar 22:22 01 May 2003

I just brought myself a digital camera, with usb connection. what I want to know is can I connect with the computer still on or do I have to turn off? I using P4, running XP home. The camera is a 3.3 Vivtar 3715, another thing I would like to know, is how long batteries will roughly last xxphotos, any tips on using it will also be of help


  VoG™ 22:24 01 May 2003

Yes, you can just plug it in without turning off the PC.

  eccomputers 22:26 01 May 2003

usb is safe to plug/unplug while in windows.

  jospar 22:32 01 May 2003

Thanks vog

I won't tick to resloved box just yet incase someone has any tips for me, would like to have loads of practice for my hols, I'm off to the middle of nowhere, no telly, no computer just a pack of cards!

  wotan 07:23 02 May 2003

hi jospar,
You will find the heaviest drain on your batteries is either when using the rear viewscreen or when downloading the pictures to your p.c. I would advise you to get a mains power adaptor if you did not get one with the camera, and use Ni-Mh re-chargeable batteries.
I use an Olympus digital and usualy get 25-30 hi-quality pictures from one charge, providing I am not using the flash or composing pictures through the view screen, this cuts it down to about 15 shots before things slow down.

  billyliv 08:55 02 May 2003

Hi, Plug in your camera while your system is on but dont just pull out your usb plug when finished. When you plug your camera in an icon should appear in your taskbar, single or double click on this icon (I cant remember which)
and you will be given the option to safely remove hardware. highlight your camera and click OK. You will then be told when it is safe to unplug your camera. Cheers, Bill

  anchor 09:09 02 May 2003

The advice from wotan is good; get yourself some good Ni-Mh AA batteries.

Sevendayshop have 4 x 1800mAh AA batteries, and a charger, for £10.79, (+95p/p). You use two in the camera, and have another pair is reserve.

click here

Also consider another larger secure digital card for your camera to store your pictures.

  hssutton 09:11 02 May 2003

Just out of interest, I have have just built a new PC. In the past i've always been able to "hot plug" my C/flash reader. Now if I try to "hot plug" my PC crashes, however I can "hot plug" my scanner without problems.

  mdshamilton 09:20 02 May 2003

Get yourself a copy of Adobe Elements to crop the photos once they're on the PC.

Once thing I must mention is BACK-UP! Since camera memory is relatively small you'll be downloading photos to the PC and wiping them off the camera memory. If anything happens to your PC or your HD those photos are gone forever. Make sure you save them to one folder and make regular back-ups to CD and keep that CD away from the PC where it's safe. Losing months of photos can be gutwrenching.

Finally - I shopped around a bit and found that the cheapest, but also a good quality online digital photo developer is via the Sony website. I prefer to get my photos done on Kodak paper by a lab rather than rely on inkjet printers.

  anchor 09:33 02 May 2003

Unfortunately jospar won`t have a PC at his disposal; as he said, he`s off the to the middle of nowhere.

This is why I recommended enough storage space on the secure digital cards that this camera uses.

I have no problem in hot-plugging my camera or card reader. Follow billyliv`s advice for disconnecting.

  Gongoozler 10:08 02 May 2003

Hi jospar. As you are going to be "in the middle of nowhere", you may also be interested in another 7dayshop offering. The Uniross Ultrafast NiMh charger with 4 2000mA-h batteries for £17.99. This charger will charge the batteries from mains or a 12V car battery. The price is about half of what Dixons are asking.
click here

hssutton, I found that my Windows 98se system was a bit fussy with my 7dayshop card reader. If I switched the computer on with the reader connected, Windows would lock up. Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver appears to have made it more stable, but hot plugging has never been a problem. I suspect that the Windows 98 drivers are not fully bug free.

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