Digital camera sucking all the charge in no time.

  arkadian 18:07 05 Dec 2009

Hi there,

I know this is an age old problem, but please bear with me. I have had a look around, but I have not found the answer to the follwing question:
I have a Sony 5.1 megapixels DSC-W1 (about 5 years old); recently I have noticed that the batteries are lasting less and less. I normally use rechargeable (2700mA) batteries, but they seem to be dead (bought them last year). So of late I have been using disposable Duracells which are lasting a bit longer, but not that much. 5-6 shots at best if I am using the flash.
The question is: is the problem in the batteries or has the camera reached the end of its natural life? That would be quite annoying as the camera itself is perfectly fine...
Any suggestions?



  peter99co 19:02 05 Dec 2009

I have a Samsung camera and their website suggests that Duracell will on;y run for a few photos and suggest 2500 Ma minimum

Maplin have AA Ultimate click here

Supposed to last 20% longer

  GaT7 19:03 05 Dec 2009

Best to stick to rechargeables & Eneloop-type batteries click here in particular - Amazon search click here. Also consider Uniross' similar Hybrio offerings click here. Don't be put off by the seemingly low mAh ratings - they are among the best rechargeables one can buy. G

  arkadian 19:13 05 Dec 2009

Are you saying than that my 1 year old 2700mA rechargeable batteries are dead and need new ones... don't mind investing in new ones as they don't cost much, but I would expect them to last longer... Besides these batteries take 18(!!!) hours to charge.
I am going to have a look at the links. thanks again.

  woodchip 21:24 05 Dec 2009

If you use Flash, Zoom, and LCD to look at Pictures the Batteries will soon go flat

  woodchip 21:26 05 Dec 2009

Do you have a discharger on you on your battery charger? also look in the Menu of your Camera as some cameras will let you fully discharge then to revive them

  Paddylad 21:46 05 Dec 2009

I dont want to be seen to teach grandma to suck eggs, but the odd question needs answering. Because of the high rating of the batteries I'm assuming them to be Ni-MH batteries. You dont need to discharge this type, they charge fully without a discharge, unlike their older type Ni-CD.
I had an oldish d-camera and the manual decreed not to use anything but alkaline batteries. Have another look.
Also charge your batteries fully. It's so easy to
think that a top up will do. OK if youre only taking a few pics, but if , eg, youre going on holiday, tut, tut.
Finally, as woodchip said switch off your flash, and dont bother zooming unless youve got a few spare batteries. Hope its helped.
Of course, the batteries may require renewal!!!!

  ton 22:05 05 Dec 2009

"Besides these batteries take 18(!!!) hours to charge".

If I were you I would look into buying a new charger.

A faster charger could charge them in two or three hours.

Also it could be that your charger is not charging the batteries fully.

  hssutton 22:24 05 Dec 2009

18 hours to charge your batteries! I think I would start with a new charger, but of course there may be a problem with your camera.

The AAs that I use for my flashguns recharge within 20 minutes, this being the charger I use click here.

As for Woodchips suggestion there is no need to fully discharge modern NiMH batteries, but is a good idea for NiCads (but who uses NiCad these days). Fully discharging NiMH will could destroy them.

Extract from click here

4. Do Energizer NiMH batteries have to be fully drained before recharging? Do they have a "memory"?

No, there are none of the memory problems with Energizer NiMH like there are with previous NiCd batteries. They can be recharged after a few hours of use or when convenient to the user. If Energizer NiMH batteries have been stored for more than 1 month, they should be charged before use to ensure maximum power.

  arkadian 22:43 05 Dec 2009

Hi again,

let's see if I can remember everything.
The batteries are NiMH, make Trust, 1.2V-2700mAh. It takes 18 hrs to charge because it says so in the instructions. I usually leave them to charge from the afternoon till the following morning (if I remember to collect them...). I do often use the display, but that has not changed over time.
It seems it is normal that even Duracells don't last for more than few shots, so perhaps it is the rechargeable batteries that are duff...
I am going to charge them one last time and see what happens.
However, has anybody heard of a camera that consumes more and more???

Thanks for all the interesting links.


  woodchip 23:43 05 Dec 2009

Some NiMH do have a memory if look it up

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