digital camera and shaving adaptor

  originalmiscellany 20:59 27 Apr 2006

Quick question:
My dad has a new digital camera from France which has a 2 pronged continental adaptor.

He has a "shaving" adaptor wihch would convert 2 prongs to 3, and UK power...

He also has ordered a proper convertor which will work fine.

Now can he use the shaving adaptor (which says only use for electric shavers and electric toothbrushes) as a short term measure to charge his new camera up?


  Eric half-a-bee 21:05 27 Apr 2006

French voltage is 230 at 50 Hz - UK supply 240 at 50 Hz, so I'd guess the answer is no - if it was the other way around he could probably try without causing any harm, but as UK supply is stronger it's not worth the risk.

  skidzy 21:09 27 Apr 2006

Does your dad have a pc ? if so,some cameras will charge via a usb lead..directly from the pc to the camera.
This way takes a little longer,but like i say some do work.

  originalmiscellany 21:11 27 Apr 2006

and he'll investigate the usb charging idea.

Thanks skidzy for your thoughts.

  Lettervanman 21:37 27 Apr 2006

That was the case!
Supply are UK 230v +10% -6%
Europe 230v +6% -10%

EEC wins again!!

  greenlamp 21:39 27 Apr 2006

I suspect that he will have no problem if he uses the current power supply with a plug adaptor, while UK nominal voltage may be 240v and French 230v in practical terms,owing to voltage fluctuations, they aren't different enough to cause any problems. In fact over the years I have used French made Laboratory [electrical] equipment on UK mains.

  originalmiscellany 21:41 27 Apr 2006

great name - eric is my dad's name too!
It does indeed self-charge through USB2; and my dad's happy and so am I.

THanks Eric half a bee

  skidzy 21:52 27 Apr 2006

Glad your dad is sorted,thankyou for posting the result...this may help others in the future.

  Eric half-a-bee 21:55 27 Apr 2006

Oddly enough Eric is also my father's name - my pseudonym is from Monty Python click here - it was that or Ethel the Aardvark.

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