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  thumbscrew 21:56 28 Dec 2010

Not actually a computer problem, but I've seen camera posts before...hope it's ok!I've just been given a Fujifilm J40 and my query relates to the number in the top right corner of the screen, that reduces by one every time a picture is taken....I believe it may be called a Frame Counter. On my previous camera if I took a photo and it then reduced by one number, if I deleted the photo it then increased by one back to the original number left, because of the deletion. This doesn't happen with my Fuji, although it holds a lot more photos...over 250. So if I take a snap and it drops by one, if I then delete that photo, instead of increasing and reverting back to the original frame number, it stays at the number of frames before deletion, which seems inaccurate to me. I've even tried a memory card format and it still doesn't increase. Sorry if this has become needlessly complex, but it's one of those little things to demonstrate that become complicated in print. I'd appreciate any comments.

  muddypaws 22:24 28 Dec 2010

Just got my Fuji S 1600 out and tested. The number increases when I take one and decreases after I delete it.

  muddypaws 22:27 28 Dec 2010

Sorry got that a.. about face.!!
Take one---decrease. delete one---increase

  thumbscrew 22:41 28 Dec 2010

Thanks muddypaws, I've just taken one too...was on 242, then 241 after I took it. Deleted it and it's still showing 241???

  hssutton 23:05 28 Dec 2010

As individual digital photos can vary greatly in memory used, the frame counter is a guide to available shots remaining, which becomes more accurate as the available memory reduces.

Hope that makes sense :)

  thumbscrew 23:14 28 Dec 2010

Cheers hssutton, I get that but still can't work out why, if I delete a photo the frame number doesn't increase, after all surely I'm now back to the available number I had before I took the picture???

  Ian in Northampton 08:20 29 Dec 2010

Thumbscrew: what happens if you delete multiple images? I'm thinking that, as a percentage, 1 out of 242 is very small, and thus within some kind of margin of error. As hssutton says, you don't get the precision of film with digital when it comes to counting available shots left, because it's a 'best guess' based on a whole number of variables. You only have to look at the different file sizes of your pictures to see that it can only ever be a guess as to how many shots are left. If e.g. the image you delete is relatively small, it's unlikely to make a difference to the counter - if it's a larger image, it may do. It could be that you could delete five images but the counter would increase by four or six. I think you're asking your digital camera to be something it's not - a film camera... :-)

  thumbscrew 09:17 29 Dec 2010

Thanks for the interesting reply Ian.I'm basing it on my previous digital, which to be fair only took 41 snaps and as you say I could be asking too much.Although, I have formatted a couple of times, thus removing multiple images and even then it didn't increase, but rather stayed at the number it was on before the format.

  Ian in Northampton 14:50 29 Dec 2010

Thumbscrew: I hadn't meant to discount the possibility, of course, that you have a faulty camera or the camera range has an inherent fault. We have two Fujifilm cameras (identical model) and both suffer from the same problem - showing the battery to be exhausted even when I've just put new batteries in. So, my explanation may have been logical - but your suspicion that you may have a fault could well be correct. Have you Googled it, see if other J40 users experience the same problem?

  thumbscrew 18:16 29 Dec 2010

Cheers once more Ian, can't be a faulty camera as I returned it to the shop today and they changed it....replacement's the same. I think your post is more or less spot on, so to speak, but I will Google it.

  Confab 18:31 29 Dec 2010

The instruction manual for your camera can be found click here Have a look at page 3 the two diagrams labelled “shooting” and “Playback”. Are you referring to item 13 in the “shooting” diagram or item 8 in the “playback” diagram. The reason I ask is that one refers to the number of frames and the other is the frame number. I wonder if you are confusing the two?

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