Digital Camera & Picture size help with PC

  Giggle n' Bits 11:54 25 Sep 2004

Friend of the Family has a digital camera but to get his pictures he takes them to ASDA to do them on a machine. He sticks his SD card in, selects the photo and then selects which he wants to print out. He says also it cost's a £5 ish.

Ok, but now he wants to do it using his computer. No problem as its standard stuff nowadays but the problem is say he has a picture that he has transfered to his XP machine but he wants a print out of the picture bigger than the original.

So the help/advice I need cos I don't have time to be involved in pictures and dont know what/how he could do this.

How can he get pictures printed out to be Bigger than the picture downloaded from his camera. What I do remember that the pixels distort if you make a picture bigger. Is this still the case ?

Also is it cheaper to print your own pictures or to do them on a express DIY machine in ASDA?

  anchor 12:11 25 Sep 2004

Most picture graphic programmes enable you to resize a picture, whilst keeping the original proportions. Of course, a little quality is lost, depending on the degree of enlargement from the original.

Doing it this way also enables you to make any adjustments to the picture; (lighten, darken, sharpen, trim, etc).

As regards cost, this depends very much on the printer. Looking at PC mag reviews of printing costs shows a considerable variation between makes/models.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:47 25 Sep 2004

& a decent epson C66 or C86 should suffice for the job. There again its not that much more for a Photo printer.

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