Digital camera not recognised.Cover disc won't run

  healthytoo34 12:08 15 Jul 2005

Hi, I am trying to get pictures off my digital camera, but the coverdiscPropixel Plus won't run automatically, and i don't know how to start it. Can anyone help. I am using Linux, not XP.
It doesn't seem to recognise the camera as a Removable storage, even though mass Storage appears on the camera viewer.
Any ideas please?

  john-232317 12:30 15 Jul 2005

Never used linux, but you will probably need to load the software first. Put disc in cd tray, then in windows its Start, run, type in cd drive letter :\ possible similar in linux, this will show what is on the cd, then look for install or exe folder and double click, this should load software. Then open program and download photos.

If not wait for advice from a linux user

  TomJerry 13:09 15 Jul 2005

first step is to search net to find any linux driver for your camera

if you cannot find it, you can alway buy a media card read, just make sure the card read can work with linux, there are many of them, you can get a good one under £10 from Ebuyer (NOT Ebay) click here

  TomJerry 13:14 15 Jul 2005

Ebuyer External 16 in 1 USB2.0 Card reader in black £9.99 click here

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  healthytoo34 09:56 17 Jul 2005

I had a look on Google, but the loading up of a programme to use the camera with Linux was too complicated for me
Will a card reader be simpler and is it a cd that runs automatically?
I also have a driver on a cd for this Yamada camera but it wont run on the Linux system automatically and the above info does not apply to my system. I can see what is on the cd but when I double click on the .exe file, it says what programme would I like to use to download and having tried a number without success, gave up.
Any other advice before I buy a media card reader?

  TomJerry 21:53 17 Jul 2005

get the guy build linux sort it out for you

even with card reader, you still go to install driver Linux-way, CD will not run automatically, normally, you need to find the file and go to linux/unix command prompt and run it manually

  healthytoo34 16:23 18 Jul 2005

Thanks for all this help. I didn't realise it was so complicated

  woodchip 16:34 18 Jul 2005

Windows Cover disc will not run on a Linux Setup. It as to be Linux software for it to run Load etc

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