Digital camera memory worry???

  Sparkly 07:03 23 Jul 2007

Good Morning all i have a quick and probaly easily answerd question i am travelling to canada in a couple of weeks for a tree week holiday and would like to know if there are any precations i should take with memory cards from the cameras that will be going through airport xray machines/scanners, i have read that certain instances people have lost there photos allthough i have never had this problem before i was wandering if maybe under the security threats we now live with are the xray machines/scanners stronger or a different tecnolagy i would be a little miffed if i had lost or found them to be corrupt when i returned.
Thanks for any opinions given.

  Technotiger 07:14 23 Jul 2007
  Terry Brown 07:52 23 Jul 2007

I would suggest either, give the camera to the security before you go through the scanner and collect it afterwards.

  Technotiger 08:01 23 Jul 2007

Why! Did you read my 'click here' - I certainly would not trust my expensive camera to any stranger in an airport, whether that person worked there or not.

  ventanas 08:26 23 Jul 2007

Neither would I. There is no problem with airport X-ray machines. I take various types of card through regularly, never had an issue.

  hastelloy 08:29 23 Jul 2007

on this. I've been through security at many airports including Far East, Tunisia and Southern Africa, without any problems.

  Sparkly 08:34 23 Jul 2007

Technotiger thanks for the link i find that reasureing now i have read it and i to would not part with my hard earned camera purchase to a compleate stranger, thankyou allso ventanas i feel more relaxed about the whole situation now.
Many thanks guys.

  Sparkly 08:35 23 Jul 2007

Thanks allso marvin42

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