Digital camera download to CD

  dugit 15:10 24 Sep 2004

I have just downloaded from my digital camera to my CD for the first time can you tell me :
1.How can I find out how much disc space has been used?
2.Can you save all the files on the CD to the hard drive by one command or do you have to move each file separately?
I have windows XP/Packard Bell

  Diodorus Siculus 15:21 24 Sep 2004

How much disk space used where? On the CD? Leave it in the drive and right click and choose "properties". This will give you the details you want.

If you use a CD-RW you can copy files to disk a number of times, or if you have a CD-R, choose the "multisession" option.

To move files from CD to hard disk, simply select them all and drag to the relevant folder on the hdd. CTRL-A will select them all, CTRL-C will copy them, and CTRL-V will paste into the new folder.

  dugit 16:00 24 Sep 2004

D/S very many thanks about saving which works OK but when I right click properties with the CD highlighted I get used space 1.9MB and free space 0 bytes which is a nonsense what am I doing wrong?.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:12 24 Sep 2004

If you use a CD-R then for the most part it can be written to only once. Even though it should hold 700mb or so, if you just burn 1.9Mb to it without using the multisession option, then that will be all that is available to it.

What burning program do you use? Nero is simple for multisession burning.

  dugit 16:39 24 Sep 2004

D/S I am using a 700Mb CD-RW for trial(before using a plain CD) ,and the files I saved using your suggestion showed in folder to be 155MB not 1.9Mb?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 24 Sep 2004

Use windows explorer to see what is on the CD.

When transferring pcis to CD, I prefer to copy to a folder on my hard disk first, then burn to CD when I have all that I want.

Try this and see what happens.

  dugit 17:32 24 Sep 2004

D/S I thought I'd seen it that as jpeg files are affected for the worse each time you save them then you should save the original downloaded file from the camera so you can go back to the original if required but I really dont know?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:47 24 Sep 2004

You can copy the files to hdd and save them. When you want to edit one, simply open it, save with a new name and do the work on it. Then if you have messed up, you always have the original to go back to.

  hssutton 17:48 24 Sep 2004

Moving the Jpeg file from camera to h/drive or Cd-rom will not degrade the Jpeg file. Degradation only occurs when you open a file and work on it, then re save.

Always work on a copy of your original and you will have no problems

  dugit 18:55 24 Sep 2004

What format is it best to save a finished picture file you have worked on (normally I use psd) so as to save file space and preserve quality ?

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