Digital camera for beginners

  SB23 19:14 21 Jun 2003

Hello everyone,another question for you.Can anyone recommend a digital camera outfit/pack,for the beginner.I would expect the pack to contain everything i would need to get started.Any ideas....?

  zanwalk 19:30 21 Jun 2003

PC Pro has a review of 13 low budget cameras this month (August!), and is well worth a read, you should find what you are looking for there.

  Newuser1241 19:48 21 Jun 2003

not the greatest for bells and whistles, or numerous shooting mode functions, but the lenses are good and cameras retain handling and feel of typical compact, PLUS they do seem to be available for really good prices e.g. PC World/dixon have the cx4300 for £150

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:54 21 Jun 2003

canon A70...superb quality and easy to use. The pics are bright and colourful.....and a good place to buy from at around 268 squid inc tax and delivery, here.

The A300 at 178 squid is also as good.


  Stuartli 20:38 21 Jun 2003

You can buy a basic Kodak camera for around £90 to £100 or even less in the case of some other makes.

But you would quickly want to get something somewhat more versatile after initial use.

  GroupFC 22:13 21 Jun 2003

Have a look at my thread click here.

You will see that, I started looking at below £200 but ended up with the Canon A70, and i am well chuffed with my decision. The best advice I received was to research, research and research!(it took me weeks to narrow my shortlist down to three or was two or four!).

Also once you have narrowed your choice down to say three or four get along to a good camera shop and get your hands on them to see how comfortable you are with them.

BTW, what is your budget as of course this will influence anybody's recommendations.

  woodchip 22:20 21 Jun 2003

Do not buy a camera with a cmos sensor get a camera that as a CCD capture sensor

  KARINA 23:12 21 Jun 2003

Group FC

Fancy seeing you here.........what a surprise.......i knew when this thread started you'd be recommending the Canon A70........i am just waiting for Danoh, Anchor and Tenner to

  GroupFC 12:48 22 Jun 2003

Just because you've given up on the A70 and gone to the opposition there's no need to get cheeky...LOL!

BTW I wasn't the first see GANDALF <|:-)>'s post at 19:54, so there!

  anchor 15:08 22 Jun 2003

Here I am; though later this week I am off on holiday, so will be missing for over a fortnight. (Thank heavens, I hear you say). We really need to know your budget, to advise you better. However, if the A70 is within your range the Canon A70 is £236.53 from

click here

but the good news is that Jessops will price match internet prices. Just go into one of their shops, have a look at the camera, and if you like it, tell them about cameras2u. They will need to call to confirm the price; cameras2U phone number is

0116 231 4777

Fine your nearest Jessops here click here

I have just bought myself a Canon S50 from Jessops; (results are absolutely fantastic), and saved myself about £120 with their price match. Plus the convenience of buying locally.

  SB23 18:01 22 Jun 2003


I suppose my budget would be somewhere in the region of £100-£200.Is that enough for a descent buy?....SB

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