Digital camera battery life

  alfredgerald 19:50 06 Aug 2007

I have just bought a Vivitar camera and the two AA bateries which it runs on last about an hour. It that the norm or is there something wrong?

  skidzy 19:59 06 Aug 2007

Im afraid not many digital cameras are very good with AA batteries,always best to have rechargables.

Though i would never buy a camera that take AA's,been there before.

Most of the, lets say dearer models use lithion batteries that last a lot longer and come with charger.

I use a canon Ixus 55 regularly and get about 300 shots per battery life,slightly less if using the video function.

  DHC-2 20:02 06 Aug 2007

I don't know much about the Vivitar camera however My Canon A80 runs on 4 AA batteries,rechargeable, and they last about 6 hours or more. I would suggest that ones hould expect better performance than one hour.

What did the supplier/store say?


  g0nvs 20:05 06 Aug 2007

My Nikon Coolpix runs on 2 NMIH AA batteries & averages about 300 pictures per charge.

  alfredgerald 20:07 06 Aug 2007

Think I will try rechargables. Thanks all

  Pine Man 20:09 06 Aug 2007

Use the viewfinder rather than the screen.

  Technotiger 20:14 06 Aug 2007

Just as a matter of interest - 'Disposable' alkaline batteries can safely be recharged, I have two different types of 'ordinary battery' re-chargers.

  45 Mart 20:17 06 Aug 2007

Mine uses 4 x AA, in a Fuji 9500. I get around 250 pics from a fully charged set. All I have done is buy 4 sets of Nimh's. Then plan accordingly. Nimh's are cheap enough if you go to the right shops. I have 2 sets of 2600's and 2 sets of 2700's.

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  Diemmess 20:17 06 Aug 2007

Rechargable NiMh AAs are the way to go these days now 2600 mAh are relatively cheap and available.

Camera technology has made huge strides in power managment, A set of 2600 will last for a really useful period, and a spare pack is worth carrying round.

My first, a Kodak (210 DC I think) would flatten its batteries in a few minutes, meawhile converting all that energy into a hot little hand warmer.

  bluto1 22:33 06 Aug 2007

As the guys say get Ni-MH batteries for longer life and disable the flash function when not required. This eats battery power.

  daba 23:24 06 Aug 2007

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