Digital Camera Batteries Won't Last

  kinger 11:30 14 Apr 2007

My son has a Acer Digital still camera.

It takes great pictures but the batteries need replacing every time he uses it.

On holiday recently it needed two new AA batteries every day, after taking only around 20 pics each time. I would have thought batteries should last longer than this.

We are using Duracell AA type.

Could the camera be faulty or is this standard on Acer cameras?

  MAJ 11:37 14 Apr 2007

Digital cameras are very battery hungry, that's usually why they operate on rechargables (I know not all do though), things like using the view-screen and the flash eat up battery power. So if your camera will accept rechargables, try them out.

  hzhzhzhz 11:41 14 Apr 2007

There are plenty of good rechargeable AA batteries. I use Energizers. In my local woolies at the mo for example, they are selling an Energizer charger with 4 x 2000m/ah AA batteries for 9.99 gbp.

also click here for example.

  jack 11:57 14 Apr 2007

NiMah rechargeable batteries have a higher charge density than normal batteries
For best prices checkout click here
for batteries and chargers
I always carry several sets of batts with me and keep them in discrete sets by labeling them so they get recharged in rotation.

  Belatucadrus 12:04 14 Apr 2007
  wjrt 13:06 14 Apr 2007

some cameras are very much dependent on battery voltage and as such Ni-mh batteries do not work effectively as Ni-mh voltage is 1.2/1.3v per cell compared to 1.5v with normal alkaline AA cells therefore try to find a rechargeable Li-ion type such as click here

  chocolate cake 14:31 14 Apr 2007

I had a similar problem a year ago after arriving on holiday with my duracell NiMh rechargeable batteries fully charged only to find they needed replacing very shortly after arriving.

After much searching I settled on Energiser NiMh rechargeables which seem to hold their charge for reasonably modest use over a fortnight without needing a recharge.

  Halmer 14:37 14 Apr 2007

at £1.99 at the moment.

  Halmer 14:38 14 Apr 2007

as well!

  MAJ 14:41 14 Apr 2007

Go for rechargables with a rating of 2300mAh to 2700mAh, these will last longer than ordinary batteries and are usually (when fully charged and used normally) sufficient to keep you going through your holidays... depending on how many pictures you take and how you use your camera (flash, view-screen, etc.) of course.

  kinger 14:48 14 Apr 2007

It seems I certainly need to go down the rechargable road.

I notice that the very model I'm talking about now comes with rechargable batts and a charger for a slightly dearer price. Interesting.

Thanks again

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