Digital Camera Batteries

  Colin 15:58 01 Aug 2004

I have a Canon PowerShot A300 purchased in January 2004. It has worked very well. However,today I changed the batteries, (Duracell AA), after the message "change the battery pack" appeared on the LCD display. I have done this nmany times before with no problem. Now, even after replacing the old batteries with new ones, I still get the message "change the battery pack". I have tried different brand new batteries. I suspect a faulty camera. I have searched the Canon website, found nothing, and e-mailed their support. In the meantime, has anyone else had this problem?

  Smiler 16:08 01 Aug 2004

have you tried here click here

  €dstowe 16:11 01 Aug 2004

I had an early Fuji digital camera which would only work properly with Duracell batteries. Eveready and the other brands just wouldn't work in it.

Someone said it was something to do with the "oomph" or ability to supply a large starting current that made made Duracell different to the others.

I don't know how true that is but I do know that Duracell work in a different was to the other brands and, having said that, I do know there are lots of batteries being sold claiming to be Duracells but which, in fact, are ordinary batteries with a different overcoat on them. Even reputable suppliers are being caught in this scam. For most puposes, this high starting current ability is not of much consequence so these substitute batteries go undetected.

Then, again, it may be your camera;-((


  €dstowe 16:13 01 Aug 2004

Sorry - "different was" should read different way

  Salinger 16:21 01 Aug 2004

I had a Minolta S304 which had the same problem, wouldn't accept any new batteries - it was a defective camera.

  anchor 16:33 01 Aug 2004

As you state you have tried different new batteries, it really does sound like a camera fault. It is still under warranty so take it back.

You could also telephone Canon support desk to ask their opinion.

08705 143 723

According to Steve's-Digicams it works fine even with 2100 mAH NiMh rechargeables.

"Battery life when using high-capacity 2100mAH NiMH was very good even when using the colour LCD frequently to check the pictures".

  Colin 13:26 02 Aug 2004

Thanks for all the responses. There is an authorised Canon dealer near me so I will take it in to them.

  Johny C 15:21 02 Aug 2004

I have an olympus digital camera and was having the same problems, so i wrote to olympus and they replied stating that you are better of using nimh rechargeable batteries, so i went out and ourchased 2100 nimh and the camera has worked well eversince.

normal batteries dont supply enough power for the digital cameras, well thats what olympus told me, and it does seem to be true

cheers John

  cga 15:42 02 Aug 2004

With Alkaline batteries the power level drops off much faster than with good NiMH. For a high power device like a Digital Camera NiMH will be more effective.

However, brand new Alkaline batteries should have even a little higher power level than NiMH for a short period so, if it does not work with these, I would suspect a camera fault.

  Colin 18:52 07 Aug 2004

I took the camera in to a Canon authorised repairer. They said it was down to the batteries I was using. They tried it with two rechargeables and two brand new Duracells and it worked OK. I think the Duracells I was using may have been dodgy as the packaging didn't look like the current packaging and it did not have a best before date on them. Anyway, I bought new Duracells with a best before 2011 date and the camera works like a dream again. I may invest in a set of rechargeables in the future. Thanks for the responses.

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