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  [email protected] 21:43 28 Aug 2007

hi, didnt know if i should post this on digital world, absolute beginners or here. for a year i have wanted to take a photograph, a quality photograph to post on a website, i have a webcam, 2 video phones but the quality is too poor. my only camera was one that you throw away.
if i buy a digital camera, does it come with software to upload a photo (to fender's website) or how do i do this i have messed with this for a while with much failure.
sorry if wrong forum.
thanks in advance
i have xp but vista compatibilty would be nice if anyone can recomend one they use, with simplicity. that would be grate. i want as high quality as i can get. thanks

  [email protected] 21:44 28 Aug 2007

great even

  recap 21:48 28 Aug 2007

The camera should come with it's own software, but Windows can upload your photo's from your camera if it doesn't come with software.

Then you could use something like Irfanview if you click here

  [email protected] 21:57 28 Aug 2007

thanks, forgive my ignorance, does connect by usb? the reason i ask is i have 3 phones and the software doesnt want to run so windows has no idea whats connected. thats why i asked about the software. my phone can up and download music but windows cant see the camera bit. would windows recognise a well branded camera like it does with my canon printer, ie i don't need any software? hope this makes sense!

  holme 22:08 28 Aug 2007

In that case, you might be better to get a camera with removable storage such as a compact flash card. You can then remove the card, stick it in a card reader and up it will (should) come, ready to view the contents.

Much more reliable than USB links, no fiddling with cables, no software required, no wear and tear on the camera, no running down the camera betteries, usually faster download speed, there may be more. Recommended... HTH.

  [email protected] 22:15 28 Aug 2007

ah! thats what it was for! makes perfect sense. had one on my compac, sadly i now have two coolermaster cases without the reader. so i guess i need a digital camera and a card reader. nothing's straight forward!

  woodchip 22:47 28 Aug 2007

If you save a Photo, From Web cam etc. You can upload to hear click here Press copy on the URL that you want to use it in then right click it and choose copy. Then Paste it in this forum

  [email protected] 23:22 28 Aug 2007

ok, think im getting it, thanks very much for the replies everyone

  Seanod123 10:25 29 Aug 2007

I have windows and the CD to install the software but windows wont let me upload the pictures without downloading the software.

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