bluebird 09:49 27 Jul 2004

Hi guys. Can anyone recommend a cheap digital camera. I only need it for occasional use, for taking photos of the family etc. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. One which is easy to use and consumer friendly would be good as im a bit of a novice when it comes to all things electronic. Regards in advance.P.S. looking to spend under £100

  Al94 10:26 27 Jul 2004

You could do a lot worse that this Nikon which is around your price depending on size of memeory card. You could get away with the 64meg card if only occassional use. click here It has a 3x optical zoom (dont buy one with digital zoom only as they are worse than useless). The only trade off in quality is that it is a 2m pixel wich would be fine for general use provided you dont want top quality A4 prints. They will be OK for 6 x 4 prints and really fine on PC screen.

  jack 10:36 27 Jul 2004

click here specialize in supreceded Fuji models a model at £200 last week
in the shops say now superceded cand be had for your price.
I purchased one for my missus for £30 a 1.4.Gig
Fuji @xia-ix 10 orig price £100 it a bit rough but a good sno fuss snapper.
Take a look also in What Digital Camera lots of discounters there

good shooting

  Salinger 10:59 27 Jul 2004

That is not a bad suggestion,Al94, a well specced camera at the price. You can get cheaper ones but bluebird might just catch the digi bug and would be wanting to upgrade pretty soon.

click here for specs and review.

  cga 12:45 27 Jul 2004

I also think this is good suggestion as a starter camera. Good on battery life (with good NiMH rechargeables) as well so another frustration of cheaper cameras avoided.

  bluebird 15:10 27 Jul 2004

Cheers and thanks for the advice guys.

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