Digital Camera £150-200

  mike1967 17:09 06 Feb 2007

Looking for a new digital camera in the above price range, looking for recommendations from people not links to websites

Must have at least 3x optical zoom lens and about 5Mp or more

Thank you

  pj123 17:43 06 Feb 2007

Not much point, because recommendations from people will always be the item they have.

For example, I have two digital cameras. A Nikon and a Minolta. To me, both of these cameras are brilliant. They do exactly what I want, and the Nikon has 3x optical zoom but only a maximum of 2m pixels. The Minolta has a 10x optical zoom and 3.1mg pixels. There are far more cameras on the market that exceed these specifications.

Your best bet would be to go to somewhere like Dealtime and compare the spec and prices.

click here

enter your criteria and take your choice.

  Totally-braindead 17:57 06 Feb 2007

PCAs best buy budget camera is available from 7dayshop for £129. Mate got his last week and first impressions are very good. Only thing I disliked was no optical viewfinder, you have to use the screen.
Offered him a tenner for it if it wasn't to his taste as it was me that recommended it to him but after he got it he seemed reluctant to part with it. Just my luck.
It was the Casio Exilim EX-Z70 he got but it no longer appears so it must be sold out but heres some others to look at click here= the Casio EX Z1000 gets a very good review click here

  Ashrein 17:58 06 Feb 2007

Look at the Fuji finepix F31fd,which has the new face detection software,it is at Amazon for £193.00
Has some very good reviews.

  PalaeoBill 18:13 06 Feb 2007

Flood gates open, sorry.

I have tried a number of compact digital cameras; bought several over the years, and been dissapointed with each and every one. The wasted money still burns with me.

The lenses are just too small, they cannot let enough light in and consequently the edges of the field of view are distorted. The automatic focus and automatic aperture rarely do what you want. I know some allow you to change from frame focus to spot focus but it is not enough. In low light they do not focus properly at all and in all conditions the depth of field is pretty awful.

I gave up, returned to 35mm SLR and I am waiting for the digital SLR prices to come down.

My advice to you is to go into a camera store and try some. Get them to dispay the results on screen so you can see what you are getting.
I have heard that the semi-auto's like the Canon Powershoot A640 are better. Bigger lens, manual aperture control etc.

Hope you find what you want.

  mike1967 18:33 06 Feb 2007

Thanks so far


The is a reason for personal recommendations, you say yours are brill but you didn't tell me what models they are

I currently have a Fuji, while its outdoor performance is great, indoor performance leaves a lot to be desired.

  mike1967 18:54 07 Feb 2007


  anchor 11:16 08 Feb 2007

I would suggest the Canon Ixus 800 IS

click here

I have read various detailed reviews of this model, and all are excellent. In this price bracket you would be hard pressed to find better. Canon make very good digital cameras, and I am considering this one myself.

£184 here:

click here

Their telephone numbers indicate they are London based.

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