Digital camara will no onger upload pics.

  tommyturbo 08:57 15 Feb 2005

For some strange reason my Sony DSC V1 will no longer upload its pics automatically.

All I have done in the past is plug it in to the USB, turn it on and then the upload would start automatically. I would get a line of thumbnails which I could tick or delete, then upload them to a file. All I cad do now is to open the memory card in 'my computer' which is a little frustrating.

What have I done.

Thanks for any help.

  tommyturbo 08:59 15 Feb 2005

I am using XP pro by the way.

  FelixTCat 09:31 15 Feb 2005

Probably best to uninstall and reinstall the Sony software - it has lost its "connection" to the camera.

  tommyturbo 09:34 15 Feb 2005

There is no sony software, I just pluger her in and away she went.

  tommyturbo 09:34 15 Feb 2005

There is no sony software, I just plugged her in and away she went.

  sattman 09:53 15 Feb 2005

Check and make sure that the the first picture on your mem card is ok if not delete it or any other faulty images when you view from the camera. Make sure that the the card is still formatted. and correctly inserted. Make sure all connection are correct.

try unpluging camera, reboot and reconnects camera

  tommyturbo 09:59 15 Feb 2005

Tried rebooting last night, no luck. Checked all connections all seem ok.

I cannot remember the programme that the camera used. It would have been MS surly but I cannot find anything. Anyway like I said it should start automatically.

  FelixTCat 10:09 15 Feb 2005

Sorry, the only Sony camera I know needs Sony software to do this. Natively, XP shows a camera (if it is recent enough) as a removable hard drive and you then manipulate the pictures yourself.

I suppose that Windows Pcture and Fax Viewer might do this, but it has never done it automatically for me - nor would I want it to!

  tommyturbo 10:15 15 Feb 2005

Thanks Felix. Where would I find The fax viewer?

  FelixTCat 11:00 15 Feb 2005

Right click on any picture and click on Open With. If it isn't in the first box, click Choose Program... and it will be one of the option.

I think it's part of XP, but it is possible that it came with something like Office.

  2neat 11:15 15 Feb 2005

Check settings, USB Connect - USB protocol, PTP or Normal?
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