digicam to dvd ......how?

  newbee 16:50 05 May 2003

i have just bought a new digicam and it says i can then have either videos or dvd's to play back my recordings
can anyone help ive tried what they say but it wont play on my dvd or on my pc

  Confab 17:42 05 May 2003

Could you describe how you are transferring your files to your pc and what software are you using to burn the digicam video on to either cd or dvd. What operating system do you have and do you get any error messages?

Its a bit difficult trying to solve your problem with limited information.


  newbee 20:13 05 May 2003

im sory i am not very technicle
i am transferring the files to pc via usb port from digicam and the software is that which came with the cam 'image mixer'
operating system i think is widows me and the error i get is disc need formated the disc i used was CD-R maybe its that that is problem because the programme seems to run ok when it is supposed to be making v-cd but when i check the cd it hasnt anything on it
thanku for your reply

  hugh-265156 20:16 05 May 2003

sounds like the disc has already been written too is telling you use a blank disc.only get one go at recording cr`s if it goes wrong throw it away and use another disc.

  Confab 20:21 05 May 2003

I'm not familiar with Image Mixer". Do you have Nero or Easy CD Creator software on your PC?


  newbee 20:28 05 May 2003

i do have easy cd creator

  Confab 20:46 05 May 2003

Easy CD Creator will be able to create a VCD for you (a cd movie that you can play on your dvd player).

I'm sorry but I haven't used Easy CD creator for a couple of years but I'm sure someone here will talk you through the process. Basically what you need to do is to download the file from your digicam to your pc and then burn a vcd using Easy CD Creator.



  newbee 21:15 05 May 2003

thanks for your help
one more thing what is a captue card and will i have one and how will i know if i have one

thanks again

  newbee 21:22 05 May 2003

just had a look at my easy cd creator and it doesnt seem to have function for vcd's just cd audio and data cd's

  TOMMO01 01:16 06 May 2003

Your digi camera should have a DV out port on it. This should be connected to a FIREWIRE card. This will enable you to capture onto your PC high quality video.

You then need to convert the DV file to MPEG.

Depending on what you want to determines the next stage. If you don't have a dvd burner then you will have to create VCD. These are written to CDR. The format used is MPEG1. If you have a DVD burner then the format will be MPEG2. These can be written to a DVD+/-R disk.

HOWEVER - you cannot just burn a MPEG file to disk - some dvd players accept the raw files but most will not.


Previous postings suggested Roxio - but it needs to be the Platinum version. Not great in my opinion.

Winoncd 5 or 6 Power Edition does the same thing.

Nero will do it for you are well.

Problem with all of the above is the quality of the encode to MPEG - not great. Seperate encoders like TMPENc are better.

SUGGESTION - Sonic MYDVD. Excellent. Simple. Works. Limited - but great to start with and you can make either VCD or DVD - encodes raw DV footage very well.


Obviously MYDVD does the job for you. But there are large numbers of programs that will Author you movies for you. Such as Ulead DVD Movie Factory - Ulead DVD Workshop - Sonic Foundrys Vegas Video 4 and DVD Architect (Excellent though pricy).


When writing a VCD in a compatable piece of software the MPEG1 file becomes a *****.dat.

When writing a DVD in a compatable piece of software the MPEG2 file becomes a VOB.

Sorry if it sounds complicated.

If you are just starting out I suggest MYDVD. If you have XP then you can use Movie Maker to edit your videos to chop out the shots of your feet and the inside of the camera bag.

  newbee 07:27 06 May 2003

thankyou for all that although it sounds a bit confusing
i was under the impresion from the manual with my digicam that the programme supplied with the cam does all this it does seem to.....................when ive tried to make dvd or v=cd or whatever ......the programme takes a while capturing files etc then goes through a whole lot of converting files etc this can take a while i am however only trying to do it with a few mins of footage to see if it works...........the programme then goes on to say its making cd.......then nothing on cd when i try
also i can transfer footage from digi cam to my hard drive very easily its just getting it onto the cd-r im using that the problem lies with
maybe i should go to a pc shop and ask? but how helpfull are some of them i dont want to come home with costly things i dont need
m,y pc is packard bell
and im using windows ME
id tell you the rest that others do but i dont know what or where it tells me the size or available space i have
thanks for all everybodies help
the problem proberly lies with they shouldnt sell these things to thick people like me.........................hehe

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