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  swanny2 22:00 07 Feb 2009

ive just purchases one of them small didgi frames Keyring type,now when i connect me usb too it then pc ,an on the menu of the photo frame it s saying cconect usb, i click yes then in me try at bottom of me desktop ,theres a icon too safely remove usb.
Problem is i dont get the viewer too download photos cominup, ive just done exactly the same connection on my wifes laptop and she get a Menu etc showing too download pics, yet on mine it doesnt show nothing and ive done exactly the same. im on windows xp home too. any ideas plz.

  kindly 10:29 08 Feb 2009

When you plug the keyring into your computer swanny, do you get a menu coming up on the screen asking you what you want to do. It would give you a few options in a list.
If you dont, then after you have connected the keyring , go to "My computer" and click on there to see if you have an extra drive showing. If you have then this will be you keyring. It will show as a letter, the same way as your "C" drive does but will be a different letter.
If it does then you can go to your photos that you want on it and highlight them then go to the left of the screen and click on "copy". This will then bring up the list of drives you have and just pick the one that is your keyring.
Hope this helps you.

  swanny2 14:52 08 Feb 2009

Thanks Kindly
Yes there is another drive thing says auto DPFmate 5 (f) i clicked on it let me Commodod allow a few things in. Iget a menu up,sayin c,d,f, drive etc and desktop,but when i click on c drive i cant see anything like My Documents where all my Pics are.
How do i find them please so i can add them too my keyring.
thanks again most helpful at least i got the Menu up now :O)
cheers Swanny

  Totally-braindead 15:20 08 Feb 2009

With the one I bought my mother at Xmas you had 3 buttons on the back of it, the middle one acted as the menu button and the button to turn it on.You press it when connected for about 3 secs and it comes up with a screen where you can see whats loaded already and can navigate to the photos you wish to use and upload them to the keyring. It did have a manual but was pretty vague to be honest. Don't know if yours is the same but its worth a try.

  swanny2 15:40 08 Feb 2009

yes exactly the same i go too usb connect then on me desktop i get nothing, on wifes lappy i get a menu . i only get 1 if i do as u said b4 my comp f drive. but then im not sure where go too get me pics up so i can transfer them too the k/ring.
On the k/ring when i press middle button too connect USB that stays on .. if i click on c drive i cant find me pic that are in my documents.
i gotta go out after this back later try resolve it.. cheers m8

  kindly 19:08 08 Feb 2009

OK swanny, what you need to do is open "windows explorer". That way you will have the list on the left side of your screen with what you have on your computer. Things like ...documents...desktop and my computer. What you do is use that to go to the folder with the photos in and click on it. This will open in the main window.
Still on the left of screen click on "my computer" and you should see the list of drives that you have on the computer and the keyring one will be there as long as you have it pluged in.
Just drag and drop the photos you want from the main screen onto the letter for the keyring. that will load them onto it and leave the original in the main folder wherever you got it.
hope you understand my quick way of explaining.

  swanny2 19:38 08 Feb 2009

i click on my comp on desktop find the dpf keyring .then click on c drive too find me pics. ok says desktop etc program files blahh. but i cant see where my pics are in My Documents its not there. yet if i go too start my documents/i see them . baffled mate. i might just bin this for all hassle stick too me digi cam . i can plug that in go too Piccaso an me pics are there.
thanks anyway mate

  swanny2 19:46 08 Feb 2009

when i do as u suggested i found pic then it opens my pics ,that window then covers the other window where im mweant dag an drop the pic so its impossible. sorry for sounding stupid but thats way it is . surely there can be a easier way do this . because any 1 buying a keyring photo frame id say NO hehe forget it.

  kindly 12:47 09 Feb 2009

Dont worry swanny.
Try going to "my documents" where you can see your pictures and try this.
Click on the photo you want then go to the left of screen and click on copy file.
Then when the little box opens find the letter that represents your keyring and click on that.
Then press ok.
Should work from there.

just make sure that the photos you want are not to big for the keyring memory,

  swanny2 19:07 11 Feb 2009

tx Kindly
i tryeed this method but when the little box opens i see.
Auto DPF mate F <<assuming this is my keyring.but i get no option too click OK. all i see is make new folder /copy/cancel i clicked on copy but it says Cannot copy Pic file on this CDRom drive read only ?
so im stuck now. thanks anyway.
Swanny :O)

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