Difficulty with netgear DG834

  Meshuga 15:59 10 Nov 2006

I have a Netgear DG 834 router/modem to which is connected 2 PCs. All works perfectly apart from the fact that I can access the router ok via one PC to check its status page when I have a dropped connection but,if I try to do the same using the other pc, What I get is a single bleep sound and the status window flashes on screen and disappears so fast that it cannot be read. Can anyone offer help please to get the page to stay on screen so that I can read it. OS is XP home sp2.

  Ashrich 17:54 10 Nov 2006

You can only have one machine set to read the Routers pages , I think it reads the Mac address of the computers trying to access it , this stops someone else who is unauthorised tampering with the router settings.


  Meshuga 18:19 10 Nov 2006

Thanks Ashley, didn`t know that. Am I right then in thinking that if I disconnected one PC from the router I should be able to open the router page from the other PC. I know I could try it but don`t want to do it without being sure.

  Meshuga 19:55 10 Nov 2006


  mr gee 20:14 10 Nov 2006

why would you want to do that? you will still get the router settings. The settings are on the router not a computer.

  Meshuga 20:32 10 Nov 2006

mr gee,I suggested trying that to see if I could access the router details via one computer should the main PC be out of action. at the moment I can only access through my main Pc.

  phono 21:38 10 Nov 2006

Any computer should be able to log on to the router, I have a DG834 myself and as long as I use the correct Username and Password I can log on from any of the three connected computers, I have done so many times.

You cannot however log on to the router from more than one computer at the same time, if you try it will issue this message on the second computer attempting to log in:

System Authentication Failed.

Another Administrator online.

  Meshuga 22:09 10 Nov 2006

Hi phono, thank you for that explanation.

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