difficulty changing monitor

  puterdunce 12:42 04 Dec 2008

I want to use an LCD TV with monitor function.

  puterdunce 12:49 04 Dec 2008

Please disregard previous post, it escaped (finger error)I want to use an LCD TV with monitor function as a PC monitor. The TV has what I suspect is a DVI connection and cable so I bought a VGA to DVI adapter which fits the bill but when I connect it all up and use TV menu to access PC function on the TV I just get a "no signal". Does this indicate that my set up a a no go with an LCD monitor.

  FreeCell 14:30 04 Dec 2008

TVs usually come with a VGA connector for PC operation and have a DVI connector for "HD Ready" components.

Are you sure there is no VGA connector. What make/model is the TV?

  puterdunce 08:22 05 Dec 2008

Definitely no VGA connection and the TV is a Philips 17PF4310 the only cables that came with it is the power lead, DVI cable with male connections both ends and the red/green/white multi lead.

  FreeCell 11:56 05 Dec 2008


You are right, I checked the Philips web site and there is only a DVI connector.

No reason why set up should not work with an LCD.
Are you using a desktop PC? If it's a laptop then there is usually a Function Key toggle setting to direct the video output to the external monitor. Unfortunately there isn't a consistent standard as to which Function key. Look for a picture of two screens on the key top.

If its a desktop, then should be okay. What were you using before?No signal indicates no data connection so check all connections are properly made. Also your TV is widescreen so some change to the display settings may be necessary, but you should still see some image of your desktop.

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